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Glass Manta
This denizen of the Glass Ocean is one of the largest fish of its type ever recorded.

Regal Silverside
According to Hingan fishers, it was not until the past twenty summers that the regal silverside began appearing in their nets. It is popular opinion that the fish may have been introduced via bilge water dumped by foreign trade bulks.

Snowflake Moray
A saltwater fish that exhibits a peculiar symbiotic relationship with spiny lobsters.

While “hopping” out of the water will aid this saltwater species in escaping larger fish, the action attracts flocks of hungry seagulls that will harry the schools for entire turns of the sun.

A freshwater cousin of the hardscale with scales as light as its name suggests.

Grass Fugu
This highly poisonous saltwater fish can survive for long periods of time in freshwater rivers, and can, on occasion, be found as far as ten malms upstream.

Giant Eel
An eel's size is proportional to the amount it eats. The giant freshwater eels of the One River eat...a lot.

Kamina Crab
While abundant in the sea, hermit crabs are quite rare in fresh water, possibly due to the lack of available homes. The kamina crab is one example.

Spider Crab
The spider crab's spindly legs carry the deep-sea crustacean hundreds of malms across their migratory routes.

Little Dragonfish
The elongated forehead of this saltwater species is compared to the nose of a tengu─a legendary dog-like creature of Far Eastern legend.

Black Fanfish
This saltwater wavekin uses both the size and color of its fins to its advantage, allowing it to, for all intents and purposes, disappear in the darker depths of the sea.

Zebra Shark
210   L (4) 
Unlike those of the mystical zebra, the pronounced “stripes” upon this wavekin's back are more accurately compared to a tiger's spots.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

Nophica's Comb
The sharp, bone-like protrusions on this carnivorous mollusk's massive shell give it the comb-like appearance from which it earns its name.

Warty Wartfish
This sluggardly wartfish native to the One River somehow has more warts than a common wartfish, if that can be believed.

Common Whelk
It would not be called a common whelk if this whelk was not found as abundantly as it is across the whole of Othard.

Hairless Barb
This impossibly monstrous freshwater fish grew impossibly monstrous despite a diet of mostly river grasses.

215   S (1) 
The Ruby Sea hatchetfish earns its name from its overgrown head which, if you squint hard enough, might appear similar to the head of a timberlord's hatchet.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

This spindly saltwater fish spurns the colder currents of the north in favor of the warm waters along Othard and Ilsabard's southern coasts.

Garden Eel
Garden eels spend most of their lives buried in sandy sea bottoms, emerging only to hunt and to mate.

Eastern Sea Pickle
Named for its shape and not its flavor, this repugnant slug-like mass is found throughout the Glass Ocean and Ruby Sea.

This enormous saltwater bass can be highly territorial, devouring anything and everything that passes through its chosen demesne.

Demon Stonefish
A saltwater wavekin commonly avoided by fishers due to the extreme amount of toxins found in its flesh.

Armored Crayfish
A deep-red relative of the Doman crayfish.

Bighead Carp
A dark-scaled carp found in the One River, easily identified by its queer downward-pointing eyes.

Zeni Clam
Named after an ancient Far Eastern currency, this bivalve mollusk is most commonly found in the lakes and rivers of Yanxia.

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