Fish Guide

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Salt Shark
The salt shark has an elongated body that it can bend like an eel, allowing it to navigate Loch Seld's obstacle-strewn lakebed in search for prey.

King's Mantle
Very few species of octopus have been discovered in Loch Seld, but those that have─such as the king's mantle─are magnificently monstrous.

Sea Lamp
This variety of sea anemone emits a soft green glow when its tentacles are disturbed.

This large saltwater predator can be found in the waters off both the eastern and western coasts of Hingashi.

Cherry Salmon
Though dubbed a salmon, this particular variety does not journey downstream to the sea, spending its entire life in the river where it was born.

Yu-no-hana Crab
Hingan folklore has that all hot springs were once dug from the ground by these hardy crustaceans.

Dotharli Gudgeon
This freshwater fish commonly found in the upper One River is also known as the Mol gudgeon, the Kahkoli gudgeon, the Dataqi gudgeon, the Horo gudgeon, and after whichever other Xaela tribe that insists their ancestors first caught the species.

River Clam
A small bivalve mollusk found living in the sands of the One River.

Grass Shark
245   L (4) 
Grass sharks are massive, their size rivaling that of even the Glass Ocean's greatest predators─an amazing feat considering grass sharks live their entire lives in the confines of the One River.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

Typhoon Shrimp
The typhoon shrimp is one of only a few shrimp species that can survive the toxically salty waters of Loch Seld.

Rock Oyster
This bivalve mollusk grows in abundance on boulders and statues submerged in Loch Seld.

Salt Urchin
The white coloring of the salt urchin's spines make them difficult to see on Loch Seld's colorless lakebed. Those who choose to wade through the shallows should always take care to protect their feet.

Carpenter Crab
A carpenter crab's claws are powerful enough to cut through solid wood. Whether or not a carpenter crab has ever constructed something from that wood remains unconfirmed.

Spiny Lobster
This massive crustacean found in both the Ruby Sea and the Glass Ocean is considered a delicacy in the Far East, and is a luxury oft too extravagant for any but the richest of nobles to partake in.

Mitsukuri Shark
There is no doubt that the mitsukuri shark's most defining feature is its katana-like mouth and the tales it has spawned of poor fishers being impaled.

Doman Bubble Eye
260   S (1) 
A variety of bubble eye goldfish selectively bred by Doman royalty for innumerable generations.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

Dragon Squeaker
There are many theories as to why this remarkable breed of One River squeaker swims tail first, yet most have been dismissed as feeble attempts to explain what simply cannot be explained, such as why the sky is blue or why tides come in and the tides go out.

Dawn Herald
Though smaller than the dusk herald, the dawn herald is as commonly found in the waters of the One River as its close cousin.

Salt Cellar
An ashen-shelled snail found throughout Loch Seld. Cooking the gastropods in their shells with garlic and herbs is the preferred method of consumption.

White Sturgeon
The white sturgeon is believed by some scholars to simply be normal sturgeons exhibiting albinism─a rare trait that became common once all the darker sturgeons were poached from Loch Seld on account of them being easy to see.

Tithe Collector
One of Loch Seld's largest native species.

Bashful Batfish
The unique shape and coloration of the batfish makes this denizen of the Ruby Sea a highly sought-after specimen amongst collectors.

River Bream
Unlike sea breams, this quirky cousin will travel back and forth 'twixt the brackish waters of a river's delta and the fresher waters upstream.

Snipe Eel
The snipe eels of the One River will never grow plumper than an ilm or two in diameter, but can stretch to several yalms in length.

275   M (2) 
A rare freshwater fish native to Yanxia and the Azim Steppe.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

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