Fish Guide

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70 ★   
Named after a blade appearing in Hingan legend, the ichimonji has a long, protruding mouth lined with countless razor-like teeth.
70 ★   
This unique saltwater fish has not a scale on its entire body.
Gyr Abanian chub
70   Rivers 
A freshwater fish most commonly found in the Velodyna and Hathoeva Rivers.
coral horse
70   Deep Sea 
This rare specimen of sea horse has a body that so closely resembles coral that it can be almost impossible to locate amongst the reefs it calls home.
maiden's heart
70   Lakes 
It is believed that only one in every thousand marimo is born blood red instead of the more common green. An exact count has yet to be conducted.
Velodyna salmon
70   Rivers 
Similar to Aldenard's other salmon species, this salmon also spends its entire life in the sea, until returning to the Velodyna to spawn...and die.
purple buckler
70   Lakes 
There was a time that these snapping turtles were caught for their nigh-impenetrable shells which were used as shields by the ancient Gyr Abanian highland clans.

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