Fish Guide

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360  Rivers 
This massive predator has haunted the nightmares of Gyr Abanians for generations as the legendary “impaler of Timmon Beck,” thanks to its centuries-old legacy of terrorizing smallfolk attempting to do their washing.

Scholars have yet to determine the functionality of the massive spine that protrudes from the specimen's head, reaching back almost to its dorsal fin. Some claim it to be a means of delivering poison to would-be predators, while others suggest it may be an antenna that aids in the location of prey.
370  Lakes 
Perhaps the greatest catch to be found at Grymm & Enid, the drepanaspis is so rare that, until now, no one was sure that one could be found at Grymm & Enid.

Lack of a fully developed jawbone has forced this fish to find other ways to feed─namely by swallowing up large swaths of seafloor mud to sup on the insignificant species that wriggle and writhe within. As such, the drepanaspis exhibits no interest in normal prey, making it a difficult catch for enterprising fishers.
370  Salt Lakes 
The size of the growths on this stethacanthus indicate that it may be the oldest still in existence─and also why it has come to be known as the “Loch Seld monster.”

Male stethacanthus vie for reproductive supremacy amongst their species by focusing internal aetherial energy to engender queer saline growths upon their dorsal fins─the size of which is the sole factor in the females' selection of a suitable mate. The crystals can swell to sizes so large that they oft render the wavekin completely motionless.
The Ruby Dragon
380  Deep Sea 
This legendary king of the deep is known to all who have ever come near the Ruby Price─and yes, it is a dragon. Or at least it quite closely resembles one.

Its name known to strike fear into babes and fishers alike, tales of this saltwater legend have been told for nigh on a thousand summers. The most popular telling has that the Ruby Dragon was once a great auspice who willingly succumbed to the aramitama that he might be freed from its burden.
Warden of the Seven Hues
380  Lakes 
Though beautiful, this polychromatic carp ruled Prism Lake with an iron fin...until now.

Supposedly spawned white as bone, local legend attributes this uncanny carp's now brilliantly colored scales to extended exposure to the waters of Prism Lake.
The Unconditional
370  Lakes 
Not so much a lord as a god of Dotharl Khaa, this particular specimen is thought to be a blessing sent by the Dusk Mother and Dawn Father themselves. As such, this catch might be best left unboasted of.

Possessed of both a dorsal fin not unlike a crescent moon, and a tail fin not unlike the rising sun, this distinctive wavekin is believed by nomads of the Azim Steppe to be the corporeal manifestation of the Dusk Mother and Dawn Father's love for their children on Hydaelyn.

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