Sand Egg 
Seafood 390  Sands  11.7
This peculiar creature was found rolling its way across the sands despite having no visible means of propulsion.
Though it looks every ilm an egg, it is in fact a creature in its own right, capable of independent ambulation and feeding on the nutrients in the desert dew. Those that have spent many moons beneath the sands develop a curiously smoky aroma.


Amh Araeng
The River of Sand71

Time Zone

 (Number: 540 ET )


(Number: 503)
Nightworld Bronze Piece
Yellow Pigment
Fine Sand
Water Crystal (1~4)


desert dessert frog320


指定採集 Needs More Egg
The Crystarium
x:10 y:9
The others are so focused on nutrition and productivity that they've forgotten all about taste. Judging by the constant growling of their stomachs, I'd say they've forgotten about eating as well. I plan to quell their hunger and remind them of the importance of flavor with something they can snack on while they work─sandwiches. For that, I need sand eggs from Amh Araeng.
70Sand Egg× 3


(2) Original text


Sand Egg - Cat became hungry