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The Vein
The Mirror
Haukke Manor
011 Bentbranch Meadows
Once Moogle's Gift Mounts was established and its rookery stocked with Ishgard's finest birds, it was not long before an entire settlement had grown up around the stables. The trademark balloon tethered to the main building is actually an Ixali war vessel claimed by chocobokeeps after it became tangled in a nearby tree and was abandoned by its riders.
039 The Bannock
Built around the stump of a fallen heavenspillar, the Bannock serves as training grounds for Order of the Twin Adder initiates. There are several theories regarding the origin of the area's name, some claiming it is taken from the hard tack issued to Grand Company recruits, others that it is derived from the training stump's resemblance to those selfsame rations.
040 Haukke Manor
Long frowned upon by the people of Gridania as a symbol of excess, the Seedseers would finally submit to pressure from the citizenry, selling the deed to the manor to Lady Amandine of House Dartancours. The word “Haukke” is of ancient Padjali origin and means, “to speak without words.”
041 The Guardian Tree
Having seen over a thousand summers, the Guardian Tree is purportedly the oldest arbor in all the Black Shroud, and home to the great one─an elder elemental who watches and presides over the forest's denizens. The fruit borne by the tree resembles a plum and is sought after across the Three Great Continents for its curative properties.
042 Rainbow Bridge
When struck by the rare sunbeams which happen to penetrate the thick canopy of the Black Shroud, the veil of fine mist created by one of the East Vein's myriad cataracts projects a brilliant rainbow which appears to connect the river's east and west banks. The grotto hidden behind the veil houses one of the forest's most sacred locations─Lifemend Stump.

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