Fish Guide

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Joan of Trout
80  Rivers 
A queen among trout, and lady of the waters of Fool Falls.

Caught alive and lashed to a spit; thrust into a cookpit and left to suffer the hellish flames for nigh on a quarter bell. Yet, the flames would not take her. Drubbed and beaten; tossed into a pot of scalding broth and left to endure the roiling currents as they cooked her flesh to the core. Yet the water would not have her. And thus was Joan returned to the lake.
80  Lakes 
A king among coeurlfish, and lord of the waters of Oakwood.

Already known for their ferocity, coeurlfish deemed exceptionally violent are given the name of the coeurl's deadly cousin.
80  Coastlines 
A king among rock lobsters, and lord of the waters of Crescent Cove.

A giant rock lobster with a terrible disposition, Fingers is infamous for using its massive pincers to dice the digits of his would-be captors.
The Assassin
80  Rivers 
A king among river crabs, and lord of the waters of the Sanctum of the Twelve.

Though believed to be a river crab─a species known to feed on carrion and algae─this uniquely large specimen has been spotted attacking and devouring living fish, leading to speculation on the eventual evolutionary track of its brethren.
Vip Viper
80  Rivers 
A king among black eels, and lord of the waters of the upper Hathoeva River. Some claim that jerking up, up, down, down, left, right, left, and right on one's pole increases chances of landing this slippery specimen.

Despite being of a size comparable to a great river serpent, the Vip Viper has eluded fisherfolk for countless seasons. One theory as to why involves the many smaller black eels which follow the creature. It is believed that these “options” will nibble any suspicious fodder found floating in the water before allowing their master to feed.
The Greatest Bream in the World
80  Deep Sea 
A king among Bianaq bream, and lord of the waters off south Bloodshore.

This is not the greatest bream in the world; this is just a tribute. In the Far East, it is common custom that when an especially large bream is landed it be offered to the area's liege lord in thanks for allowing his waters to be fished. So as not to insult the lord, the catch is oft presented under the pretense that it is “greatest in the world.”
Dirty Herry
80  Deep Sea 
A king among Indigo herring. Go ahead. Make his day.

Whereas most herring have an expected lifespan of little more than twelve moons, this clever kipper has seen more than thrice that amount due to his ability to maneuver his way through schools so as to place himself far from danger, yet close to dinner.
Old Hollow Eyes
80  Rivers 
A king among plaguefish, and lord of the waters of Burnt Lizard Creek.

Amalj'aa claim this plaguefish earned its grim headpiece after slaying a grown battle drake that came to water at Burnt Lizard Creek. That this is even possible is highly debatable, but one theory has the fish attaching itself to the soft fleshy area beneath the scalekin's neck and sucking its blood until rendering it unconscious.
80  Rivers 
A king among fall jumpers, and lord of the waters of Verdant Drop.

Instead of utilizing its inherent tendency to propel itself from the water and scale tiny waterfalls, this particular troublemaker will, for reasons unknown, leap forth only to strike at sylphs who have wandered too close to its home. To this date, however, the only injuries recorded as a result of the odd attacks have been to fragile egos.
Floating Boulder
80  Lakes 
A king among climbing perch, and lord of the waters of the lower Hathoeva River.

While the ability to jump from the water to low-lying branches benefits the climbing perch by providing it with increased feeding options, it also puts it in danger of being carried off itself by a bird of prey. The floating boulder, however, has found that a steady diet of tree-dwelling insects makes it far too heavy to succumb to a predator's talons.
The Grinner
80  Rivers 
A king among Velodyna carp, and lord of the waters of the east Hathoeva River.

This ancient carp has survived many a fisher's greedy grasp by violently twisting and turning to snap line from bait, leaving the wavekin with an unnatural grin begot by the countless hooks left buried in its maw.
Shark Tuna
80  Deep Sea 
A king among ash tuna, and lord of the waters off Costa del Sol.

Upon witnessing this massive wavekin hungrily navigate the shallow waters beneath his privy, self-made entrepreneur Gegeruju (a man not particularly known for his talents in the field of christening), dubbed the creature “shark tuna,” inciting a flurry of wild applause from the old Lalafell's cadre of sycophants.
Worm of Nym
80  Rivers 
A king among jade eels, and lord of the Bronze Lake shallows.

Carvings discovered on the walls of ruins dotting the outer La Noscean landscape suggest that a giant eel-like creature has been terrorizing the people of this land since the peak of the Nymian civilization. Whether this particular specimen is an offspring of said creature─or in fact the creature itself─alas cannot be determined.
80  Deep Sea 
An extremely rare cephalopod rumored to have ties to the legendary pirate king Mistbeard.

Lominsan legend has that the pirate king Mistbeard bred this octopus to its enormous size by feeding it the corpses of his countless victims. He then released the kraken into the secret cove where his plunder lay hidden, so that all who dared seek the booty would meet their doom.
The Warden's Wand
80  Rivers 
A king among trader eels, and lord of the waters of the Yugr'am River.

There is an age-old Lalafellin faerie tale which tells the story of a trader eel who swam so far upstream that he eventually arrived at the very gates of the goddess Azeyma's palace. So impressed was the Warden with the wavekin's perseverance, that She gifted him with a cloak woven from rays of the sun.
80  Rivers 
An extremely rare freshwater fish known for its unbelievably long

The spear-shaped nose of this rare wavekin is not actually a nose, but the creature's mouth─a mouth not actually used to spear prey, but to suck it forth from between rocks.
80  Rivers 
A king among spotted pleco, and lord of the waters of Everschade.

This unique variety of spotted pleco has learned to wield the trace amounts of aether within its body to emit a soft glow from its mottles, by which it attracts its prey.
The Sinker
80  Lakes 
A king among Yugr'am salmon.

Unlike his brethren who, after hatching, navigate their way downstream in search of food, the Sinker instead chooses to remain near spawning grounds where he can feed alone without worry of rivals. His tendency to remain motionless on the riverbed has given “rise” to his playful moniker.
The Gobfather
80  Rivers 
A king among goblin perch, and lord of the waters of Goblinblood.

There is not a goblin fisher in all Eorzea who does not dream of one day landing the legendary don of the deep. That road, however, is long and filled with peril, for it is rumored that those who make it their purpose to seek the great perch oft vanish, never to return again.
80  Rivers 
An extremely rare amphibian that excretes a sweet, yet toxic substance from its skin to teach would-be predators a deadly lesson.

When attacked, this carnivorous amphibian will release an aromatic substance from its pores that either drives the would-be predator away in disgust, or tempts the creature to feed upon the newt. The sweet secretions, however, are highly toxic, and cause instant paralysis upon ingestion, rendering the predator into the prey.
80  Coastlines L (4) 
A king among balloonfish.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

Playfully named after the giant voidsent which terrorized the realm in the final years of the Sixth Astral Era, we should not be frightened of the size of this balloonfish, but the size of what this balloonfish encountered to cause it to swell to its current diameter.
The Salter
80  Rivers 
A king among spotted puffers.

A stickler for the precise commixture of salt- and freshwater, this particular puffer will not tarry in one location overlong, swimming hither and thither so as to remain within currents of the desired concentration. To even have a chance of predicting its erratic course, one must learn to read not only the tides, but the skies.
The Lone Ripper
80  Deep Sea 
A king among hammerhead sharks.

By shunning its natural instinct to travel and feed in schools, this hammerhead shark can devour prey in its entirety, allowing for growth to a size heretofore unseen in its species. The Lone Ripper will oft hunt during times of storm, as the froth created by the churning of the waves causes disorientation in smaller fish, making them easier to catch.
King of the Spring
80  Lakes 
A king among Bronze Lake trout.

Having found a secluded hydrothermal plume at the bottom of Bronze Lake, this trout will spend the greater part of each day motionless, feeding on the tiny creatures which are drawn to the heated waters.
80  Rivers 
A king among Paglth'an discus.

Scars up and down the discobolus's back reveal a lifetime of heated battles with gig-wielding Amalj'aa warriors. That a fish which, on the outside, appears no different from any other can withstand the rending of its flesh is an attestation of the species' resilience.

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