Fish Guide

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Mercy Staff
136  Rivers 
A freshwater fish that only becomes active when the land is beset by snowstorms.

The debate over whether the mercy staff feeds when it snows, or it snows when the mercy staff feeds, was seemingly put to an end when reports emerged of a Coerthan fisher catching three of the wavekin under fair skies, only to be buried in a snowstorm on his way home.
Rime Eater
136  Skies 
A small floating jellyfish often seen in the Sea of Clouds.

In Coerthas it is five winters' bad luck to slay a rime eater, for the creatures feed on the glacier cores that the smallfolk believe to be the cause of snowstorms.
Warmwater Bichir
139  Lakes 
A freshwater fish found in the heated pools of the Smoldering Wastes.

This breed of ancient wavekin is covered in brilliant diamond-shaped scales that blind potential predators. Bichirs feed solely on water-skipping vilekin, making them much hated by the Gnath, who will spear them merely out of spite and leave the corpses to rot in the water.
Noontide Oscar
139  Lakes M (2) 
An albino marble oscar only found with consistency in the corrupted waters of Eil Tohm.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

No more than a marble oscar lacking pigment, noontide oscars are rare finds simply for the fact that they are unable to blend in with their surroundings, making them more visible to predators. There are those, however, who claim the bone white wavekin possess special powers, making them highly sought after by witches and medicine men.
136  Rivers 
A large freshwater fish found in the Hundred Throes.

One cannot visit a tavern in all of Coerthas without hearing tall tales of the great man-eating shadowhisker. In one village, the fish will be five yalms long, in another, five wide. In still another, it will have swallowed a Lalafell whole, in yet another, it will have swallowed a whole lot of Lalafells.
Gobbie Mask
139  Floating Islands 
An airborne cephalopod native to the Churning Mists.

This strange floating octopus appears to have abandoned the dangers of the Deep for the freedom of the firmament. When turned on its side, it bears a striking resemblance to a goblin's mask, begging the question, “Which came first? The gobbie mask or the gobbie mask?”
Blue Medusa
139  Floating Islands 
A stinging jellyfish native to the corrupted waters near the Landlord Colony.

Its name taken from the serpent-haired seductress of ancient legend, the blue medusa is an anemone-like creature which survives on the underbellies of Abalathia's floating islets. Its tentacles are covered in poisonous barbs which petrify prey, making it easier to seize, devour, and digest.
139  Magma 
A heat-resistant mollusk found in the magma pools of Anyx Old.

The metallic scales covering this lava-dwelling snail closely resemble those of the deep sea snail known as the armorer, leading naturalists to hypothesize that at one time, sea levels were much higher, and that when the waters receded, snails left atop mountains began evolving separately.
139  Aetherochemical Spills 
A mutated fish surviving only in the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.

The violent flagellating motion of this snakelike creature's tail is most likely a means to detect nearby obstacles, as its eyes have regressed into naught more than skin-covered pits on the sides of its head.
Tiny Axolotl
150  Lakes 
An alien-like amphibian found living in the muddy flats near the Pappus Tree.

Naturalists who have had the opportunity to examine the rare samples brought back from Azys Lla have come to the tentative conclusion that despite being several times smaller, a completely different color, and bearing strange whisker-like fins, this amphibious creature is most likely a distant relative to the axolotls that reside in lower Eorzea.
High Allagan Helmet
139  Aetherochemical Spills 
An ancient breed of crab found in the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.

Writings extracted from recently discovered tomestones state that this particular breed of helmet crab was biologically altered by Allagans to produce an impenetrable shell that could be harvested for armor production.
Platinum Fish
139  Aetherochemical Spills 
A mutant breed of goldfish native to the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.

Believed to be a cousin of the goldfish, the platinum fish has fully adapted to life in the corrupted waters of Azys Lla's aetherochemical pools and now requires the aetherially charged liquid to survive. The dazzling sheen of its scales does not appear to be hereditary, however, and rather a result of an aetherochemical reaction caused by the pools.
Aether Eye
139  Rivers 
A freshwater fish found in the hydrothermal biome near the Pappus Tree.

Due to its lack of eyes, it was once thought this fish hunted like a bat, using sound to navigate the pools in which it lives. However, the popular theory amongst naturalists now is that it instead utilizes a strange organ on its head to detect concentrations of aether.
139  Aetherochemical Spills 
A mutant breed of fish named after the floating island on which it is found.

A fish so filled with poison that it will seep from the wavekin's body, fouling the waters in which it swims. The Azysfish will feed on the corpses of those creatures who fall victim to the deadly venom.
145  Rivers 
A colorfully finned freshwater fish found in the biome waters near the Pappus Tree.

Unlike glassfins which all have transparent appendages, fin transparency of crystalfins varies depending on the type of aether concentrated within the fish. Diet, habitat, even weather can change the outward appearance of crystalfins, which is why for so long it was believed that there were as many as six different species.
136  Rivers 
A delicious (though unsweet) freshwater fish native to the Thaliak River.

Why the Sharlayan called the sweetfish by that name is unknown, as the fish is in no way sweet, whether eaten raw or cooked. They are, however, delicious─a trait that has resulted in overfishing. Large fish introduced into Dravanian waters by goblins have also contributed to the dwindling population of sweetfish.
Orn Butterfly
142  Lakes M (2) 
A freshwater fish native to the Orn Wild, yet also found in the Quickspill Delta of the Thaliak River.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Native to the lakes of the Orn Wild, the Sharlayans brought scores of the billowy-finned wavekin down from the north to populate their ornamental fountains. When the Sharlayans returned to their homeland, most were left to die...but nature had other plans.
Hundred Fin
142  Lakes 
A strangely maned freshwater fish found only in Weston Waters.

A circular mane consisting of several tiny fins sprout from the head of this rare wavekin. For reasons known only to themselves, moogles detest the hundred fin, believing it to be an augur of death, destruction, and mayhem of the most unplayful variety.
Autumn Leaf
142  Lakes 
This freshwater fish native to the Thaliak River has an uncanny resemblance to fallen foliage.

This fish uses its uncanny resemblance to a reddened leaf to hide amongst fallen detritus and wait for unsuspecting prey to approach. As this hunting technique is only effective for a two-moon period of the twelvemoon, the wavekin will gorge itself while it can, and then lie dormant until the next autumn calls.
139  Floating Islands 
A flying fish found in the skies near Tharl Oom Khash in the Churning Mists.

Manasails achieve flight by spreading their elastic fins like sails of a ship to gather wind-aspected aether from the clouds. Most spend their lives atop thermals rising high above floating islets of Abalathia and Dravania, and are rarely seen by even the denizens of those skyey regions.
Sky Sweeper
142  Floating Islands 
A flying fish often seen in small flocks circling the Azys Lla Habisphere.

Sky sweepers are one of the few creatures living in the Sea of Clouds that do not actually have the capability of flight. These shark-like beings are spawned on the backs of larger flying fish, where they spend their entire lives feeding on vilekin and sloughed-off skin.
Magma Louse
142  Magma 
A beetle-like creature that can survive the extreme temperatures of the magma flows in Anyx Old.

As does its cousin the aetherlouse, the magma louse also feeds on minute traces of aether bled from wounds in Hydaelyn's crust, the most common aspects being fire and earth.
142  Magma 
A slow-moving tortoise found in the magma flows near Halo.

While it is rumored this tortoise's shell is so hard that it can withstand the impact of a comet, the wavekin's name is derived from the creature's natural tendency to remain motionless for up to several moons to conserve energy when forage is scarce.
Aetherochemical Compound #123
142  Aetherochemical Spills 
This biologically engineered biomass can be found on Azys Lla.

Unlike anything else on Eorzea, compound #123 is thought to be another of the Allagan Empire's failed chimerical creations. The creature seems to be harmless enough, feeding only on the tiny water lice which inhabit Azys Lla's aetherochemical pools. Its outer hide, however, has given many a naturalist pause as it bears a texture almost identical to that of a Lalafell's skin.
Brown Bolo
142  Floating Islands 
A whip-like creature found in the skies surrounding Tharl Oom Khash in the Churning Mists.

For most of the sun's turn, the brown bolo will hang stationary from the bottoms of the Churning Mists' floating landmasses. When prey flies or floats by, however, the bolo will throw itself from the crags and wrap around the unsuspecting victim, choking it into submission before propelling itself back to the crag face to feed.

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