Fish Guide

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Dravanian Smelt
150  Rivers 
A tiny freshwater fish native to the lakes fed by runoff from the Slate Mountains.

Popular prey for dragonflies, who are said to only require a single adult to sate their appetites, this close cousin of the Abalathian smelt is abundant in the slightly warmer waters of the Dravanian forelands.
Heavens Coral
180  Floating Islands 
A lightweight sky-blue coral found growing on the floating islands above Eorzea.

Scholars of marine life believe that heavens coral is merely blue coral that, after prolonged exposure to high concentrations of wind-aspected aether, have taken on a lighter blue tint.
180  Floating Islands 
A flying fish found in the skies near the Landlord Colony.

During the daylight hours these cousins of the manasail sleep clinging to the undersides of the many islets comprising the Sea of Clouds. When the sun begins to set and the skies bleed orange and red, the sunsails simultaneously take to the cooling skies to feed.
Goblin Bass
180  Rivers 
Introduced to the Thaliak River by goblins, this variety of voracious bass has driven native species to the brink of extinction.

Another variety of wavekin introduced to the Thaliak River by goblin fishers, the foreign bass poses a threat to the watershed's native flora and fauna by consuming nearly anything that is not a rock.
A winged scalekin native to the Diadem.
A rare scalekin that utilizes its highly developed air bladder to float above the Sea of Clouds.
Gem Marimo
A bright-green variety of aquatic moss found on the bottom of lakes. Slight currents cause the moss to gather and form into a ball as it grows.
Crown Trout
A freshwater fish native to the Diadem.
Retribution Staff
A large freshwater fish native to the Diadem.
Thief Betta
An aggressive freshwater fish native to the Diadem.
Goldsmith Crab
A tiny freshwater crustacean native to the Diadem.
Amber Salamander
210  Rivers 
This freshwater amphibian is characterized by whorling patterns of deep amber across its moist skin.

The deep orange patterns on this wavekin's skin are similar to those found on several varieties of highly poisonous mushrooms. This convenient trait helps protect the salamander from hungry predators despite not possessing any toxins in its body...and being quite delicious. The amber salamander, himself, is aware of this fact, and will sometimes resort to cannibalism when other food is scarce.
190  Rivers 
A decidedly ugly freshwater fish commonly found in and around the Thaliak River.

The gnomefish is a gruesome creature that lives most of its life cowering beneath boulders in still or slow-moving waters so as to avoid being devoured by other larger fish. The tigerfish is one of these predators and will lurk nearby such boulders waiting for the rare occasion on which a gnomefish emerges to feed.
Fleece Stingray
210  Floating Islands 
The white belly of this flying fish native to the skies above Coerthas is ofttimes mistaken for a cloud.

While its ancestors may have been wavekin, subsequent generations' extended exposure to submarine wind crystals has aided the fleece stingray's evolution into its current form. Great flocks (schools?) of the white-bellied rays are sometimes mistaken for swift-moving rain clouds.
210  Floating Islands 
A tiny winged dragon only recently discovered in the Churning Mists.

The function of the enlarged comb which protrudes from the center of the nyctosaur's head has yet to be determined by the realm's naturalists, with some scholars believing it stores water, much like a dromedary's hump, while other believe it to be a hollow chamber which serves to deepen and amplify mating calls.
Lava Snail
210  Magma 
The lumpy shell of the lava snail is extremely heat resistant, protecting its tiny resident from otherwise unbearable temperatures.

In addition to being diamond-hard, the shell of the lava snail can also block nearly all the heat from molten lava. Heat-resistant armor crafted by stringing together thousands of the shells has been known to sell for small fortunes.
210  Lakes 
A distant cousin of the monkfish, this ravenous resident of the lakes and swamps of Coerthas also possesses a luminescent proboscis which it uses to attract prey.

The crozier-like bioluminescent proboscis dangling from the priestfish's forehead attracts prey in the murky depths of the pools in which this distant cousin of the monkfish resides.
Coerthan Oyster
210  Lakes 
A bivalved mollusk native to the lakes of Coerthas, and prized as a delicacy by Ishgardian nobles.

The shells of these freshwater mollusks are so impenetrable that local fishers have dubbed them “the Fury's shields.” Luckily, prying them from the rocks upon which they live is as simple as sliding a knife beneath their shells and giving a slight pull upwards.
Oliphant's Trunk
210  Aetherochemical Spills 
Extended exposure to the unclassifiable aetherochemicals tainting the pools in which this fish-like creature lives has contributed to the abnormal development of its mouth and jaw.

Similar to an electric eel, the near-blind oliphant's trunk emits low-frequency electrical pulses into surrounding waters in order to better locate its prey.
Mountain Kraken
210  Lakes 
A massive freshwater squid found in the lakes of Coerthas.

For centuries, the legend of Saint Daniffen and the Kraken was thought to be only that─a fantastical tale spun by the See to beatify the life of an otherwise kindly, yet ordinary, man. That is, until a giant cephalopod was found lurking in a mountain lake.
Armored Catfish
210  Rivers 
This large freshwater fish is covered in thick armor-like scales which protect it from the jaws of hungry bears and yetis.

Sharlayan scholars who studied this peculiar variety of catfish at length before returning to their homeland claim that the species is not a wavekin like its cousins, but rather a scalekin that, after many eons residing in water, shed its legs for fins.
Magic Bucket
1  Lakes 
A fisherman's best friend. He sloshes instead of slobbers.

Use item to acquire the magic bucket minion.

There was once a young fisher-cum-sorceress who, cursing the fact she was born with only two hands with which to carry her myriad tackle, called upon the power of unseen spirits to ensorcell a bucket to transport her catch...only to watch it sink to the bottom of a lake when her concentration was broken by a crayfish nipping at her ankles.
Fat Purse
210  Lakes 
A king among Coerthan puffers, and lord of the waters of Riversmeet.

So plump does this rare Coerthan puffer grow when intimidated, that anglers began playfully comparing the fish to the bursting-with-coin purses oft flaunted by Ishgardian nobles.
The Impaler
210  Lakes 
A king among spring urchins, and lord of the waters of Dragonspit.

One morning, while on patrol, a knight hailing from Falcon's Nest spied the fallen corpse of a Yeti near one of Dragonspit's bubbling pools. Upon further investigation, he determined the cause of death to be a massive urchin spine embedded in the creature's foot. An Ishgardian naturalist who later examined the spine estimated the original urchin at several yalms in diameter...give or take several yalms.
La Reale
210  Rivers 
A galleon among battle galleys, and dreadnought of the waters of Ashpool.

This oversized battle galley with a tendency to stun its prey by ramming it with its sharp, pointed jaw, was named after a legendary steam-powered ship built by the Holy See to patrol the waters of the Bloodbrine Sea.

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