Fish Guide

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210  Rivers 
A king among shadowhiskers, and lord of the waters of the Hundred Throes.

Lost between drunken tales of swallowing Lalafells whole and swallowing a whole lot of Lalafells, is a hushed yarn spun in smoky taverns about a shadowhisker with an unnatural appetite for slightly larger prey─dragons.
The Dreamweaver
210  Lakes 
A king among warmwater bichir, and lord of the waters of the Smoldering Wastes.

If the clickings of the Vath braveheart are to be believed, the soul of this elusive warmwater bichir rises each night from the Smoldering Wastes to invade his mind and torment his dreams.
210  Magma 
A king among cometoises, and lord of the waters of Mourn.

This mountain-dwelling tortoise will heat its shell until it glows meteor red, then leap from its lava pool, falling back first onto its prey to both slay and cook it in one fell stroke.
The Ewer King
210  Lakes 
A king among hinterlands perch, and lord of the waters of the Thaliak River.

While the Thaliak River with its majestic waterfall the Tipped Ewer is home to countless creatures large and small, only one has the size, strength, and cunning to be crowned “king.”
210  Lakes 
A king among noontide oscars, and lord of the waters of Eil Tohm.

Incomparable size combined with a decided lack of pigment in this noontide oscar's skin invokes comparisons to the great white dragon, Vidofnir.
The Soul of the Martyr
210  Floating Islands 
A king among dragon's souls, and lord of the waters of the Landlord Colony.

The moogles of Moghome insist that they have witnessed the passing of legendary Ratatoskr's essence into its secondary vessel─the very fish that lies motionless at the bottom of your bag. Let us hope they are mistaken.
210  Rivers 
A king among bubble eyes, and lord of the waters of Voor Sian Siran.

Despite the suggestion by its name that this unique bubble eye goldfish has the ability to spit like a squid, the inkfish earns its name from the black patterns on its body thought to resemble the ever-changing whorls created when ink is spilled into water.
The Second One
190  Floating Islands 
A king among tornado sharks, and lord of the waters of the Blue Window.

As if there was not already “enough said” regarding tornado sharks, sightings of an even larger and more violent example of these freaks of nature have the Rose Knights on edge.
Augmented High Allagan Helmet
210  Aetherochemical Spills 
A king among high Allagan helmets, and lord of the waters of the Alpha Quadrant.

With a shell even harder than a typical Allagan helmet, this biological aberration feeds by releasing a highly corrosive substance onto rocks, dissolving them into a foul solution which is then slurped back up using the wavekin's straw-like tongue.
Aphotic Pirarucu
210  Lakes 
A king among euphotic pirarucu, and lord of the waters of the Delta Quadrant.

Unlike euphotic pirarucu which remain near the surface, these wavekin, for some reason, chose to ignore their species' natural attraction to the light and instead remain and feed on the sediment that collects in deep water. The high mineral content of this sediment results in rock-like scales unseen on the aphotic pirarucu's cousins.
240  Floating Islands 
This rarely seen winged scalekin is thought to be lord of the skies adjacent the Sohm Al summit.

Do not be fooled by its size. The dimorphodon may be five to seven times smaller than its wyvern cousins, but its temperament is twice as foul, and its appetite four times as large.*

*All values listed here have no basis in scientific fact.
Basking Shark
240  Floating Islands 
The basking shark's characteristic colossal maw makes it the de facto lord of the skies near Mok Oogle Island.

The massive maw of this rarely seen colossus of the clouds is thought to serve two distinct purposes─one, to devour entire coveys of prey in a single gulp, and two, to dramatically increase air resistance allowing for near instant aerial stops and turns.
Allagan Bladeshark
240  Aetherochemical Spills 
Only found near the Flagship in Azys Lla, the bladeshark is an alpha predator with few enemies─a true lord of the skies.

Military documents retrieved from Azys Lla reveal that the bladeshark is a chimerical monstrosity created to serve as a biological weapon. The rapid vibrations exhibited in the creature's unnaturally elongated mouth is a trait artificially induced by scientists to increase the tearing power of its razor-sharp teeth.
230  Skies 
A king among rime eaters, and lord of the skies near Greytail Falls.

Similar to its smaller rime eater cousins, the hailfinder is also known for its appetite for glacier cores. So efficient is the creature at absorbing the extreme cold emitted by its prey, that research was conducted by the Heavens' Ward into determining if they might be used to counter Shiva's sub-zero sorceries during skirmishes with the primal.
230  Lakes 
A king among sorcerer fish, and lord of the waters of the unfrozen pond.

Believed to be the sole reason the unfrozen pond remains free of ice, in order to partake in the warmth emitted by the flarefish's sanguine humours, other fish will form schools (at a distance), surrounding the specimen in a barrier which effectively provides protection from larger predators.
Twin-tongued Carp
230  Rivers 
A king among three-lip carp, and lord of the waters of the Whilom River.

With three lips and two tongues, this rare carp has enough internal and external appendages to render any respectable ichthyologist flummoxed.
Madam Butterfly
230  Lakes 
A queen among Orn butterflies, and lady of the waters of the Quickspill Delta.

There is the sad tale of a pair of butterfly fish kept by a Sharlayan sophist. When preparations for the great exodus back to the Old World were being made, the sophist's manservant separated the two fish to prevent scale damage in transit. An error in packing, however, saw one of the fish─the female─left behind. Madam has since lived her life in sadness awaiting her husband's return.
Moggle Mogpom
220  Lakes 
A king among mogpoms, and lord of the skies near Greensward.

Considerably larger than most mogpoms, the moggle mogpom is believed not only to be the discarded pom of a fallen comrade, but the pom of legendary Moghome chieftain, Moggle Mog.
230  Floating Islands 
A king among fleece stingrays, and lord of the skies off Cloudtop.

Named for the thin summertime clouds it resembles, the cirrostratus is believed to achieve flight despite its enormous size due to its parchment-like membranous “wings.”
Hraesvelgr's Tear
220  Magma 
A king among Aithon's colts, and lord of the lava pools of west Mourn.

The pristine glass shell encompassing this remarkable magma-dwelling creature is regarded amongst vivarists as to be the Twelve's most beautiful creation, and therefore is highly sought within collectors' circles.
Aetherochemical Compound #666
230  Aetherochemical Spills 
A king among aetherochemical compounds, and lord of the aetherochemical spill.

When a specimen of what, at the time, was thought to be compound #123 began sprouting tiny...decidedly Lalafellin...hands, no fewer than three Sons of Saint Coinach naturalists turned in their resignations with the organization and have since disappeared from the public eye.
Hundred-eyed Axolotl
230  Lakes 
A king among tiny axolotls, and lord of the waters near the Pappus Tree.

A rare mutation of the tiny axolotl, the countless spots covering this peculiar wavekin's moist skin serve as a defense mechanism, frightening would-be predators into thinking they are being watched by a hundred eyes.
Bobgoblin Bass
230  Rivers 
A king among goblin bass, and lord of the waters of the Thaliak River.

The one fish that has long eluded renowned Illuminati angler Quickthinx Allthoughts, the bobgoblin bass earns its name from the queer bobbing motion it oft employs to, in Quickthinx's words, “taunt his would-be pursuers.”
220  Rivers 
A queen among mercy staves, and lady of the waters of Banepool.

After a three-bell ale-fueled diatribe regarding one man's futile quest to capture the elusive Merciless─a mercy staff fattened to epic proportions─the proprietor of the tavern in which the forlorn fisher oft frequented closed the man's tab, telling him, “let it all go.”
250  Lakes 
An archbishop among priestfish, and lord of the waters of Clearpool.

The divine radiance emitted by the bishopfish's cranial proboscis is like to dazzle many a smaller fry into literally “giving its life” for the cloth.

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