Fish Guide

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Captain Nemo
240  Lakes 
A king among ammonites, and lord of the waters of Banepool.

Named after a legendary inventor and sea captain who claimed to have traveled to the bottom of the Indigo Deep in a watertight galley hull, this overgrown ammonite uses aether-charged tentacles to deftly slice prey into pieces small enough to fit in its surprisingly tiny mouth.
240  Lakes XL (7) 
A king among catkillers, and lord of the waters of the Eddies.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]

Already in shock from the discovery of a freshwater pike that consumes gaelicats, the scientific community was far from prepared for the subsequent discovery of a pike that prefers paissa. As was the case with the “catkiller,” naturalists insisted on keeping the name as short as possible, and thus settled on “paikiller,” despite complaints that it too closely resembled the word “painkiller.”
240  Aetherochemical Spills 
A king among oliphant's trunks, and lord of the skies near the Hyperstellar Downconverter.

Modern naturalist circles were positively abuzz following the discovery of an Allagan tomestone which contained an article on an oliphant's trunk with a maw so sensitive, that it was believed the wavekin could detect activity in the very heavens. Further study of the work however led to the conclusion that the piece was satire.
Crystal Pigeon
240  Floating Islands 
A king among stupendemys, and lord of the skies near the Habisphere.

While much of the information gathered from the Habisphere's talkative nodes is limited to occupancy numbers and repair reports, one audio record concerning an elite marksmen's club's afternoon of sniping genetically enhanced stupendemys for sport gives us a rare glimpse into Allagan everyday life.
230  Rivers 
A king among amber salamanders, and lord of the waters of the Iron Feast.

Having no other explanation as to why this lone amber salamander would exhibit the ability to emit electric shocks from its skin, the fisher who first discovered this unique wavekin simply assumed that it was because it fed upon the shed scales of a thunder dragon. As of this writing, no one has been able to confirm or deny her claim.
240  Magma 
A king among magma lice, and lord of the magma flows in Anyx Old.

While the riddle from which this aged magma louse earns its name is far from what anyone would deem clever─“what lives in molten rock, yet moves less than a corpse?”─it is fairly accurate in describing the vilekin's two main characteristics.
The Lord of Lords
230  Magma 
A king among lavalords, and unquestioned ruler of the magma flows near Halo.

Those naturalists who have placed aside their doubts and come to accept the existence of the fantastical magma-dwelling lavalords have, in their research, discovered the wavekin possess a violent “lord-eat-lord” societal hierarchy, and that rampant cannibalism appears to be the reason only a single male is ever found in a lava pool.
The Speaker
240  Rivers 
A king among armored catfish, and lord of the waters of the Upper Thaliak river.

The first fisher to supposedly ever have caught the Speaker claims that upon drawing it into his net, the wavekin spoke to him in an oddly ranine voice─pleading to release him back into the waters that he may return to his loving wife and spawn. Thinking it some sort of sign from the Twelve, the fisher did as he was told, only to be rewarded with a croaking cackle and a slap of water in his face.
Thousand Fin
230  Lakes 
A king among hundred fins, and lord of the pools of Weston Waters.

While “one thousand” may be a gross overstatement regarding the number of tiny fins that circle this queer wavekin's head, for the moogles who are known to utterly despise the hundred fin, achieving numerical accuracy is not a high priority in the event one is encountered in the wild.
250  Floating Islands 
A king among storm chasers, and lord of the skies near Tharl Oom Khash.

This peculiar storm chaser exhibits fins that are a deep crimson, hence the colorful name. Despite local Vanu Vanu legend which claims the contrary, Bloodchaser does not appear to drain the humours of its victims, but feeds just as any other storm chaser─digesting prey in its stomach to produce gas that it emits from its rectum to achieve propulsion. Yes, you read that correctly.
250  Magma 
A colossal magma-dwelling fish and legend of the lava pools near Halo.

When this particular specimen was presented at a naturalist symposium for classification, the day ended in a flurry of fisticuffs following a heated argument over whether it was not merely a fake stitched together in a cluttered study. The following day the claims were voted baseless and the wavekin received its new official name.
250  Aetherochemical Spills 
A rarely seen Allagan abomination rumored to dwell in the aetherochemical pools collecting on the Flagship in Azys Lla.

One can only imagine the manner of twisted carnal desires which drove the Allagan bioengineer who created this five-eyed, tentacled monstrosity.
Armor Fish
250  Rivers S (1) 
A massive glowing freshwater fish found living in the Thaliak River.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

Many graduates of new Sharlayan's universities look back on their education with great fondness, reminiscing of days past with tales of studying for exams into the small hours, their rooms lit with naught but the faint glow emitted by armor fish caught in the Thaliak River.
Sea Butterfly
250  Floating Islands 
Though oft referred to as king of the skies near Mok Oogl Island, to claim this floating mollusk is elusive would be a gross understatement.

Lighter than the seed of a dandelion, the sea butterfly flitters about the Sea of Clouds searching for the tiny midges upon which it feeds. So rare are these mollusks that seeing one is widely believed to bring good fortune.
250  Lakes 
Lord of the waters of Clearpool, Charibenet is (was) one of the largest, most voracious ice faeries to ever be captured.

After witnessing the veracity with which it devoured its kin, it almost seemed wrong not to name this gluttonous ice faerie after the Holy See's infamous First Inquisitor.
250  Floating Islands 
The moogles of Moghome say that one can live his entire life without ever witnessing a raimdellopterus descend from the upper reaches of Tharl Oom Khash. They also say that some moogles spend a lot of their lives sleeping.

Also known as the “king of the wyverns,” the raimdellopterus was given its official name in honor of the bicentennial of Frandelont Raimdelle's masterwork, the Raimdelle Codex.
Thavnairian Leaf
142  Rivers 
A freshwater fish originally native to the Near Eastern island of Thavnair. How they ultimately ended up in the upper Thaliak River remains an enigma.

The colorful patterns which cover the Thavnairian leaf's body make it a popular addition to aquariums. Once almost impossible to acquire on mainland Eorzea, the Near Eastern native's recent introduction to the Thaliak River has seen its asking price drop from “wholly ludicrous” to “somewhat absurd.”
Ghost Faerie
145  Lakes 
An almost entirely transparent shell-less mollusk found solely in the waters of Clearpool.

In contrast to ice faeries which, while possessing transparent bodies, still display coloring in their internal organs, ghost faeries are entirely without pigment, making them almost impossible to see in the pristine waters of their natural habitat─Clearpool.
Red Sky Coral
148  Lakes 
A blood red species of coral found growing on the undersides of islands in the Sea of Clouds.

Similar in almost every way to the red coral found in Eorzea's five seas, scholars remain perplexed at just how this particular breed of immobile wavekin came to live in the Sea of Clouds.
Lovers' Clam
150  Rivers 
A tiny pinkish bivalve mollusk found primarily in Weston Waters.

A popular game amongst Eorzean children consists of putting separate halves of lovers' clam shells in two sacks, and having boys draw from one, and girls from the other. The participants then look to see who has the other half of their shell, the resulting pairs being an augury of true love.
River Shrimp
160  Rivers 
A rare freshwater shrimp that typically makes its home beneath the rocks that produce the rapids near the Hundred Throes.

When asked which decapod crustacean was their favorite supper treat, nine out of ten orphans claimed they preferred freshwater river shrimp to ordinary saltwater shrimp. All nine claimed one was never enough, and that they would always ask for seconds, to which the reply was consistently, “MORE!? YOU WANT MORE!?”
A winged scalekin recently discovered in the skies near the Diadem.

Comet Minnow
205  Rivers 
Near the bottom of the food chain, swift-swimming comet minnows serve as food for many of the larger fish that swim the waters of the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers.

Stargazers tell of a deity's long descent through the night sky to shine amid murky waters, and claim the fires of the heavens still burn upon its scales. Aquaculturists generally espouse cynicism toward such out-of-this-world origin stories.
Golden Cichlid
205  Lakes 
This bright-yellow fish is native to Gyr Abania and found in both the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers, sometimes as far west as East End.

Cichlids named for the glittering scales unique to adult males, which garner the attention of mates and predators alike. The survival of the species undoubtedly owes more to the subdued, aptly camouflaging blue hue featured by its widows and orphans.
Abalathian Bitterling
205  Lakes 
The Abalathian bitterling's ivory white skin easily distinguishes it from its silver cousins also found in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Gyr Abania.

The bitterling's lack of pigmentation is not the result of mutation or albinism, but rather the product of natural selection, as only the fairest among them were able to blend into the riverbed gravel and avoid predation.

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