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Idle Goby
205  Rivers 
This large goby uses its natural black and brown mottling to conceal itself in the sandy bed of the Slow Wash.

One would have to wake up pretty early in the morning to out-slack this notoriously lackadaisical loiterer. Its primary hunting technique consists of lying stagnant in the Slow Wash and waiting for its prey to drift up to it.
Steelhead Trout
205  Rivers 
A delicious, fatty freshwater fish native to the Velodyna and Hathoeva Rivers.

Life carries this fish back-and-forth, swimming down to estuaries when reaching age, then back upstream to spawn, lending its name to widespread, on-the-nose “seasonal rebirth” clichés in Hingan literature.
Broken Crab
205  Rivers 
A wildly misnamed freshwater crab with a highly durable carapace.

Possessed of a shell no living creature could crack, the crab's hubris grew so great as to warrant the notice of Rhalgr, who by his very hand split its shell asunder for eternity, or so it is said.
205  Rivers 
This feisty freshwater fish is found throughout the Black Shroud.

Pipira, indigenous to the Black Shroud, were successfully transplanted into the climes of Gyr Abania, where they bear the name of the guildmaster largely responsible for their change of address.
Temple Carp
205  Lakes 
A freshwater fish commonly found in the lakes and marshes dotting the eastern end of Abalathia's Spine.

Long ago, disciples of the Fist were made to catch these fish by hand as part of their training regimen. The fish remain a testament to the preparedness of the Fist, now loosed in nearby waters to serve as a bulwark against starvation in the case of a siege.
Balloon Frog
205  Rivers 
A hardy amphibian found in the relatively warm-watered lakes of eastern Abalathia's Spine. The plump legs make for a fine meal.

Named for the cheek-puffing posture it manifests when threatened, which can be seen as either intimidating or adorable, depending on your position in the food chain.
Lantern Marimo
205  Lakes 
A rare type of luminescent moss found in the lightless depths of Far Eastern lakes, as well as in caves. Slight currents cause the moss to form into a ball as it grows.

Many a monk has reached enlightenment meditating before the faint aura emitted by this illuminating breed.
Rapids Jumper
220  Rivers 
A lifetime of swimming against strong, yet slow river currents have left this freshwater fish bereft of most fatty flesh.

This species often fails to live up to the fanfare inferred from its fast-paced, go-against-the-flow name, as the only flow it has to go against is the Slow Wash.
Adamantite Bichir
205  Lakes 
A freshwater fish native to the wetlands of Gyr Abania.

Clad in hard, interlocking links that resemble a suit of mail more than they do scales, this fish is known to leave a trail of broken muud suud teeth in its wake.
Bone Melter
205  Lakes 
This lake snail feeds by attaching itself to the bones of drowned animals.

Necrophagous whelk that flocks to carcasses en masse, whittling them down to next to nothing. Morbid feeding habits aside, it does have a pretty shell, which hunters carry around for luck.
Fallen Leaf
210  Lakes 
The still waters of Dimwold are teeming with these fish who, to the untrained eye, appear naught more than fallen leaves.

If a tree falls in the woods, and there is no one there to see it, do the leaves that fall in water become possessed by migrant spirits and generate a new species of fish?
Velodyna Grass Carp
205  Rivers 
This variety of grass carp is most often found in the northeastern Eorzean river from which it earns its name.

Midsized, yet critical, link in the food chain of the river valley from which it borrows its name.
Highland Perch
215  Rivers M (2) 
Once common throughout the Gyr Abanian highlands, overfishing has relegated the remainder of the species to Mirage Creek.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

If you ever wish to see two natural historians at each other's throats, try asking them what the difference between a Hinterlands Perch and a Highland Perch is. Wars have been waged over less hotly contested disputes.
Greenstream Loach
210  Rivers 
This distant relative to the carp can be found hunting the waters of the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers.

There's no prying this intractable flatfish loose once it deploys its ventral fin for suction, and its aptitude for withstanding the most violent of currents have rendered its name synonymous with obstinacy.
Mirage Chub
210  Rivers 
This freshwater fish is known to change the color of its skin come spawning season.

Some might pass this silver fish off as commonplace at first glance, but when the season is right and she dons her ravishing red sash, you can bet they'll take notice. When ready to breed, her unique scale pattern generates a stunning visual effect meant to mesmerize mates and other admirers.
Padjali Loach
210  Lakes 
A horn-shaped fish native to the dark bogs of Dimwold.

Its strict algae diet keeps this fish in pristine health, giving it a fresh, delectable flavor that fetches top gil with Gyr Abanian fishmongers and renders it a worthy tribute to the Padjal. This demonstrates that contrary to common perception, a life of healthy eating is not always in a species' best interests.
Gyr Abanian Trout
210  Rivers 
This succulent pink-fleshed fish commonly found in the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers will oft command a high price in local markets.

Anyone who's ever been to Gyr Abania is likely to have seen one, and even more likely to have eaten one, as this particular trout is deemed a local specialty.
210  Rivers 
This freshwater crustacean is widely found in lakes and marshes across the Three Great Continents.

The popular misconception that this sanguine crustacean slices mammals with its claws and partakes of their blood is patently false, but believable enough to have inspired its moniker.
Monk Betta
210  Lakes 
This freshwater betta is native to the lakes and marshes of eastern Gyr Abania.

Exhibiting an austere warrior spirit and fierce territorial aggression, violence among fellow fish of the order is often marked by vicious brutality.
210  Lakes 
The Far Eastern gilfish was first introduced to Eorzea by Othardian merchants hoping their platinum sheen would make them attractive to wealthy nobles. Now the freshwater fish can be found in rivers and lakes across the realm.

Glamorous per its name, one glint of this fish's ostentatious scales is often enough to invite avaricious wish-chasers to a watery grave.
Falling Star
210  Lakes 
This glowing orb is actually a colony of rare luminescent algae found in the caves of eastern Gyr Abania.

Denomination for a faintly luminescent subset of algae, their phosphorescent fires allegedly lit long ago by the burning star cast forth by Rhalgr.
Capsized Squeaker
210  Lakes 
This odd whiskered fish is found only in the sheltered waters of the Comet's Tail.

Having the unusual habit of swimming upside down in common suggests some relation between this squeaker and its Dravanian cousin, although the precise distance of said relation is yet to be established.
Nirvana Crab
210  Lakes 
The backs of these freshwater crabs are adorned with colorful colonies of water-resistant fungus.

It is said an underachieving monk achieved enlightenment in a single night. On inspecting his bedchambers, the assembled throng of disciples received the wordless sermon of this crab holding up a white mushroom.
Gravel Gudgeon
210  Rivers 
This freshwater fish will bury itself deep in the gravel-littered beds of rivers, making it a difficult catch.

Succulent fish whose only refuge from the talons of griffins lies nestled under the riverbed. Seldom, if ever, has one been spotted with scales intact.
Grinning Anchovy
210  Deep Sea 
These small saltwater fish swim in massive schools, using their sheer numbers to ensure that even if a few stragglers are swallowed, the species will endure.

This fowl-mouthed forage fish often plumbs the depths of Hingan cauldrons, its juices boiled out to form the base of beloved broths.

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