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220  Lakes 
A common variety of koi found in almost every region on Othard.

Yanxia has found itself overrun by this species with a formulaic overpopulating blend of longevity and hyperactive libido. The “no” of its name aptly deriving from the Hingan for “wild”.
Pagan Pirarucu
220  Lakes 
Though only ever seen by fishers who spend more time telling tales in taverns than actually fishing, the pagan pirarucu can supposedly be found in the highland lakes and swamps of eastern Gyr Abania.

An unorthodox variety of catfish upon which Rhalgr did not see fit to bestow his gift of thunder, hence it has little more than its biting wit with which to fend for itself.
Enid Shrimp
220  Lakes 
A succulent freshwater shrimp remarkably found only in the Peaks lake of Enid.

Shrimp bearing the name of a woman who perished with her husband Grymm while fleeing the floods of the Sixth Umbral Calamity. It is said she died of drinking too much water while trying to slake an unquenchable thirst.
Black Velodyna Carp
220  Rivers 
One of several varieties of carp found in the Velodyna River, this particular species is immediately recognizable from its pitch-black skin.

The rivers of Velodyna and Hathoeva are rife with these hungry natators, whose ebon exterior derives from a dark diet.
Yanxian Koi
220  Rivers 
A mottled freshwater carp of middling size native to the southern reaches of the One River.

The One River is flooded with this species, which is surprisingly nutritious if you can look past its muddy stink and abundance of small sharp bones. Locals are wont to drench it in liquor and sugar and let soak until palatable.
Longhair Catfish
220  Rivers 
Though named for its lengthy whiskers, this catfish's most ready feature is not its moustache, but the wavy scale-like patterns on its back.

Meandering purposefully along the bed of the One River, this fish's signature whiskers exude an air of solitary sagacity befitting its unofficial “hermitfish” appellation.
Doman Trout
220  Rivers 
An extremely common fish found throughout Yanxia, and a popular dish amongst the realm's residents.

Run-of-the-mill trout found far and wide across Yanxia. Whoever said cats won't touch them has never owned a Doman cat.
Yanxian Barramundi
225  Rivers M (2) 
This large carnivorous specimen is native to the southeastern reaches of the One River where the waters run slow and deep.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Tall tales abound around the One River, but have you heard the one about the fish bigger than a full-grown Hyur? The ecstasy of reeling in the fabled monster is soon offset by the realization one must then haul it all the way back home.
Tail Mountains Minnow
225  Rivers 
These tiny fish commonly found in the many shallow tributaries feeding into the upper One River rarely grow beyond a few ilms in length.

Who says minnows can't move mountains? The red peaks of their homeland hoisted firmly upon their backs, these little-fish-that-could are quite a sight to see, drawing onlookers from far and wide eager to take a peek.
225  Rivers 
This freshwater specimen of miniscule proportions can be found in almost any river and lake from central to eastern Othard.

These lovable little lads are a regular attraction at the fairs of the Far East. Eager younglings line up to test their skill and take one home, whereupon the fish are free to ravage local fish populations with plague and make good on their name.
Doman Crayfish
225  Rivers 
These tiny freshwater crustaceans can be found in relative abundance in the flooded rice paddies of Yanxia.

Head to a countryside creek in Yanxia on a warm summer's day and you'll be sure to see children fishing out these crustacean critters, which are as common as they are harmless.
Othardian Trout
225  Rivers 
A freshwater fish found in rivers across the entire Othardian continent.

A familiar face anywhere you journey on the subcontinent, its ubiquity has led to innumerable interpretations of a multitude of dishes all across Othard. Indeed nowhere is safe for this fish.
Zagas Khaal
225  Rivers 
A freshwater fish extremely common to many of the One River's northern tributaries. Its name literally translates to “river fish.”

Ask a nomad of the Azim Steppe to blurt out the first fish that comes to mind, and without fail you will hear the name of this pervasive species, followed by an awkward silence.
Steppe Skipper
225  Rivers 
A swift freshwater fish that, when swimming near the surface of the One River tributaries in which it is commonly found, appears to skip through the rivers' reeds.

This fish's aerodynamic green fins allow it to jump to conclusions rather than go through the motions. The Auri Xaela, who know a thing or two about shortcuts, regard the steppe skipper as a portent of good things to come.
Sun Bass
225  Lakes 
This violent fish native to the Azim Steppe prefers the calm waters of a lake or wetland to the swift moving currents of a river.

Azim in the sky is said to partake of this fish fit for a god, though you'll want to think twice before partaking yourself, as the parasites that riddle its body have proven potentially fatal to less-than-divine diners.
Dawn Crayfish
225  Rivers 
A red-shelled freshwater crustacean found in abundance in the lakes and rivers of the Azim Steppe.

Devoted disciple of the Dawn Father who battles his sworn enemy for control of the Azim Steppe, and rises as his rival sets.
Curtain Pleco
230  Rivers 
This freshwater fish has a billowy, curtain-like dorsal fin that it uses to confuse predators.

Migratory fish with a giant curtain-like dorsal fin, which it lifts to move along until the day it bows out in its final act.
Yat Goby
230  Rivers 
The Yat goby is an eel-like bottom dweller named after the Azim Steppe tributary in which it is most commonly found.

The winsome-faced bottom-feeder wields its fin with the dexterity of a finger, delicately digging into the riverbed to dine on only the finest sediment.
Nhaama's Boon
230  Lakes 
One of the rare fish found in the Nhaama Desert's even rarer freshwater oases.

A fish held in the highest esteem by desert denizens, who deem it a gift from the Dusk Mother herself. It's edible, but far from transcendent.
Doman Eel
230  Lakes 
A thin freshwater eel that can be found living amongst the reeds growing in the Valley of the Fallen Rainbow.

A stable source of sustenance through times both thick and thin, these eels have had a profound impact on the culinary culture of Doma, but attempts to farm them have thus far met with failure.
230  Lakes 
This brightly colored freshwater fish of Far Eastern origin is a favorite amongst aquarium owners.

Sharing color with the metal alloy of its name, this fish has been chromatically cultivated to achieve a variety of metallic hues, resulting in warehouse-worths of industrial fish.
Dry Steppe Skipper
230  Rivers 
A small freshwater fish found in the arid southern grasslands bordering the Nhaama Desert.

Unlike its purportedly “lucky” brethren, encountering this withering-grass-colored variety of steppe skipper is regarded as an omen of ill fortune among nomads. Dry humor is often lost on the superstitious.
230  Rivers 
The skytear can be found in the quick-flowing shallow rapids near a river's source rather than in the deeper, slow-moving waters downstream.

This fish receives its melancholy moniker from the Xaela, its azure hue conjuring the lachrymose image of a heavenly drop into a pool of sorrow.
Dusk Crayfish
230  Rivers 
A white-shelled freshwater crustacean found in abundance in the lakes and rivers of the Azim Steppe.

Devoted disciple of the Dusk Mother who battles her sworn enemy for control of the Azim Steppe, and waxes as her nemesis wanes.
230  Rivers 
This swift-moving freshwater fish can be found up and down the One River.

Xaela archers often present offerings of this high-strung arciform fish to their gods before venturing forth on the hunt.

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