Fish Guide

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Jade Sculpin
230  Rivers 
Highly developed scales and spines set this sculpin apart from its western counterparts.

This celadon swimmer sports a semi-precious shade of green more befitting an amphibian.
230  Lakes 
A freshwater cousin of the lightscale with scales as hard as its name suggests.

Coated with manifold sheets of interlocking polyfibrous scales capable of deflecting high-velocity harpoons, this is a fish that lives up to its name.
Doman Grass Carp
245  Rivers 
This common variety of freshwater carp are found up and down the One River.

Were it not for the work of these diligent custodians, the One River would be awash in waterweeds. Day in and day out, these unsung heroes dutifully embark upon the thankless task of maintaining their ecosystem by devouring mass quantities of unsavory aquatic grass.
Samurai Fish
245  Rivers 
Named after the Hingan warriors whose grace and elegance in battle resemble the means by which this wavekin swims the turbid depths of the One River.

Glaring across a battlefield of blue, the purple-belted combatant hovers unflinching, unyielding about his territory. His stoic features betray no emotion, his mind remains clear as the limpid sea, ready and unhesitant to render his life to defend his honor.
Tao Bitterling
245  Rivers 
Though a cousin to the Hak bitterling, the waters of Tao Khaal have taken the Tao bitterling on a slightly different evolutionary path.

Though the breed is generally deemed unfit for consumption, the Mol nevertheless persist in fishing for them per the bidding of their holy men; a case of faith operating contrary to nature's plan.
Blank Oscar
245  Rivers 
The body of this rare freshwater fish is entirely void of pigment.

The finest papermakers of Doma have yet to create a sheet so blindingly white as this species, which has become a symbol of purity customarily present as good luck at local weddings.
245  Rivers 
Despite the insistence of Yanxian villagers, the freshwater dragonfish is ten parts fish, zero parts dragon.

Though oft found in the aquariums of well-to-do merchants who fancy themselves the living incarnations of imperious, fire-breathing serpents, any relationship between this fish and the mystical creature of legend is purely metaphorical.
Lordly Salmon
245  Rivers 
Just as do the salmon of Eorzea, the steely blue salmon of the Far East spend their lives in the sea before returning to the freshwater rivers where they were born to spawn and die.

A favorite of Ganen, the first Doman king. Per the local Jus Primae Piscis practice, the first-caught fish of each season would be the lord's to dine on that night.
Yellow Prismfish
260  Lakes M (2) 
The pale yellow glow emitted by this freshwater fish is believed to be caused by unbalanced levels of aspected aether in the wavekin's humours.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Scales that absorb a citrine pigment in the waters of Prism Lake to glimmer like gold. As for its flavor, one is reminded of the age-old adage “All that glitters isn't food.”
Blue Prismfish
260  Lakes M (2) 
The pale blue glow emitted by this freshwater fish is believed to be caused by unbalanced levels of aspected aether in the wavekin's humours.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Is it a blue carp that came to thrive amid like-colored waters, or a carp that became blue in order to thrive? Whether the trait was inherited or acquired, the distinct azure tint of this species blends perfectly into its native habitat.
Bull's Bite
260  Lakes 
A small carnivorous fish found solely in the isolated Gyr Abanian pond known as the Bull's Bath.

According to the old wives' tale, swaddling Raubahn would bite into big beefy bits of this fish, bones and all, before his milk teeth had grown in. According to the man himself, the tale is wildly apocryphal, but the name stuck nevertheless.
Peeping Pisces
260  Lakes 
This freshwater fish is possessed of an eye on both the top and bottom of its head, allowing it to simultaneously spy threats above and below the water, should the need arise.

The bulging eyes that endow this fish with expanded peripheral vision also give it its voyeuristic moniker and scandalous reputation.
Gigant Bass
260  Lakes 
An aptly named freshwater fish native to the rivers of Gyr Abania.

Fish known to grow as long as a boastful Gyr Abanian's fisherman's arms can stretch.
Daio Squid
260  Deep Sea 
A rarely seen giant squid, thought to be the inspiration for 35% of all pirate chanties sung on the Ruby Sea.

Known to Hingans as the “great king,” this rare kraken maintains a shroud of mystery, only surfacing from deep sea depths when it truly needs a release.
Koromo Octopus
260  Deep Sea 
A highly elusive giant octopus, so rarely seen that not a single pirate chanty sung on the Red Sea mentions the poor cephalopod.

When a ship draws near, this tiny little sucker billows out like the Hingan garment for which it is named, transmogrifying to mammoth proportions before dragging sailors from their decks to the depths, or so an old sailor sings.
Glass Tuna
260  Deep Sea 
One of the most popular ingredients in Hingan sushi, the giant Glass tuna are thought to follow the strong ocean currents for thousands of malms in their lifetime.

With a taste as smooth and crystal clear as its name, one bite of this tuna will have you half-full of optimism.
260  Rivers 
A large freshwater fish named for the levin-manipulating technique mastered by the ninja of Doma.

There's a whale of a tale about a beast of a fish that eluded the grasp of fishers time and again, but couldn't avoid fate when a novice ninja inadvertently cast a raiton spell down to a random point in the river.
Eastern Pike
260  Rivers 
The massive eastern pike is technically classified as a freshwater fish. The breed, however, can survive the brackish waters of the Hathoeva and Velodyna River deltas.

This eastern relative of the northern pike demonstrates the ranged-attack prowess of an Ala Mhigan pikeman upon his prey, when not himself impaled upon a fisher's spear.
Rock Saltfish
275  Salt Lakes 
By no means the most winsome of wavekin, the rock saltfish has adapted to survival in the saline waters of Loch Seld.

Pity the poor minotaur who had the ill fortune of treading upon this fish's fatal fin, pricked under-hoof with a potent poison that gradually reduced the colossal creature to a mere carcass.
Tawny Wench Shark
275  Deep Sea 
Some say this Ruby Sea shark earned its name from sailors long out of port who, upon seeing the shark's pale skin cresting above the waves, would reminisce of their favorite pleasure boat courtesan.

To spear this shark with a single harpoon is a Kojin rite of passage, a custom lending itself to easy innuendo and foisting an undeservedly tawdry reputation upon the shark.
Zekki Grouper
275  Deep Sea M (2) 
Groupers gather in swift currents of the Ruby Sea and the Rasen Kaikyo to feed on the abundant life drawn to the area.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Prized by Hingans for its myriad culinary uses. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, or sauté it. It's good pan-fried, deep-fried, or stir-fried. There's Zekki skewers, Zekki soup, Zekki stew, Zekki salad, and more, but a true native prefers it raw.
Saltshield Snapper
275  Salt Lakes 
This violent scalekin has the jaws of a carpenter's vise. Many a careless fisher has lost a fingertip or three when navigating the snapper-rich waters of Loch Seld.

Where freshwater leaves this soft-shelled chelonian exposed, the briny waters of its natural habitat serve to calcify its carapace into an impregnable underwater fortress.
275  Lakes 
Possessed of the unique ability to survive for extended periods out of water, the meditator will periodically “bathe” on the banks of the rivers and lakes in which it resides.

This fish is in the unique habit of entering a catatonic, simulated death state in order to survive the dry season, appearing not unlike an ascetic deep in meditation.
275  Lakes 
This distant cousin to the Coerthan bonytongue can be found dwelling in the freshwater lakes and rivers of Gyr Abania.

This hunter's streamlined brow is tailored to nabbing small fry and insects, and casts a striking contrast against the lofty peaks of Gyr Abania it inhabits.
275  Lakes 
Not a swordfish, but a sword-like fish found in the rivers of Gyr Abania.

This crescent-bodied fish may resemble a Gyr Abanian blade in shape, but as a weapon is better suited to slapping than slashing.

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