Fish Guide

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275  Deep Sea 
A saltwater fish as stubborn as its name suggests. It is pure coincidence that it also has a hard bony plate protecting its tiny brain.

Clad in the helm and breastplate nature provided it, this hardheaded nautical juggernaut fears nothing in the open sea, and will launch itself headlong at boats that dare cross its path, occasionally capsizing them.
Kotsu Zetsu
275  Rivers 
A large, slow-swimming freshwater fish found primarily in Yanxia's Plum Spring.

A compound of the Hingashi terms “kotsu,” meaning “bone,” and “zetsu,” meaning “tongue,” referring to the oral harpoon this fish uses to spear its prey. Its tail is known to grow scarlet with age and bloodguilt.
275  Lakes 
This regal freshwater fish has a distinct white and black mottling which, while giving the wavekin an air of majesty, also makes it easy to spot by predators.

Odd fish that answers the juvenile riddle “What's black and white and ends in a sordid tail?”, its existence stands as a testament to the simultaneous wonder and perversity of nature.
290  Deep Sea XL (7) 
Though king of the five seas and beyond, scholars classify the liopleurodon with scalekin rather than wavekin.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]

Occasionally, nature gets it right on the first try, as evidenced by this predator's sustained reign atop the aquatic food chain. Perfectly at home in the bloodstained waters of the Ruby Sea, the voracious hunter has had no particular need to adapt or evolve since antiquity.
Ala Mhigan Ribbon
290  Lakes 
A freshwater fish named for its long, ribbon-like fins that it uses to both attract prey and distract predators.

Underneath the undulating currents she flits and flutters, her elegantly-decorated dorsal fin darting and dancing hither and thither as though celebrating a glorious triumph, hence her association with victory in local folklore.
290  Rivers S (1) 
The beauty of this small freshwater fish native to Yanxia is oft compared to the angels of ancient eastern scripture.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

The lay fish seem to avert their eyes as this heaven-sent beauty floats gracefully among them, purifying the waters with her celestial presence as she swims along.
Blackfin Snake Eel
290  Deep Sea 
Like most saltwater eels, the blackfin snake eel of the Ruby Sea is a nocturnal hunter.

Deep undercover in the seabed, the killer creeps, inching closer and closer to his crustacean mark before lunging with lethal force to shell it alive. Diners had best take caution as well, as the delicate bones that enable his swift, precise movements pose a formidable culinary challenge.
290  Lakes 
Despite their small size, sweatfish prefer the swift rapids of the One River's northern tributaries for the cover it provides them from predators.

The arduous sister of the Seraphim shines the glorious sunlit streaks of her Dawn Father against the ominous night sky of her Dusk Mother, and is said to be birthed from the very beads off their battle-wet brows.
Hak Bitterling
290  Rivers 
A small, yet plump fish most commonly found in Hak Khaal, one of the One River's many narrow steppe tributaries.

This breed indigenous to the streams of the Azim Steppe protects its eggs by laying them into the calcareous shells of freshwater mollusks, endowing the offspring with a distinctly acrid flavor.
275  Salt Lakes 
This queer horse-like wavekin swims upright, using two tiny fins near its head to slowly swim through the waters of extreme salinity it calls home.

Wherever there are damselfish in distress, this gallant champion shall gallop heroically to the rescue. Bred in the harshest saltwater climes, this noble steed is up to the challenge come hell or high-saline water.
290  Salt Lakes 
Remarkably similar in appearance to a shark, it is believed this salt lake fish periodically exposes its dorsal fin above the water's surface to frighten land predators such as bears.

With its sawlike upper jaw this aquatic artist chisels, scrapes, and carves away at rock salt deposits for days on end, tinkering away at a mysterious form that often bears a curious resemblance to the phoebad.
290  Salt Lakes 
Prehistoric drawings of this salt lake fish have been discovered on cave walls throughout Gyr Abania, suggesting that this particular species has endured at least six umbral eras.

Many a diver's gaze has been diverted by the iridescent white orbs that shine forth from this fish's face. The relative safety of its saltwater lake environs has allowed the otherwise conspicuous species to remain as it was ages ago.
290  Lakes 
One of only a few fresh water sharks discovered in Eorzea, the steelshark can primarily be found in the rivers and lakes of Gyr Abania.

If ever you need aquariophiles to talk amongst themselves, give them this topic: despite its metallic hue and menacing silhouette, the steelshark is neither steel, nor a shark. Discuss.
225  Deep Sea S (1) 
This saltwater fish has a distinct crimson coloring that makes it popular amongst aquarium owners.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

From the Hingan meaning “herald of the spring” denoting the seasonal phenomenon wherein scores upon scores of freshly-hatched fry ride the currents en masse from the Ruby Sea out to the Indigo Deep.
Silken Koi
290  Lakes M (2) 
A plump freshwater wavekin with pearlescent scales and a name that sounds better than the fish tastes.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Robed in luxurious scales radiating with a distinct nacreous sheen, one is tempted to reach out and feel the fabric of its scales, which are disappointingly slimy. Theories abound as to how it ended up in Plum Spring, but none in particular prevail.
215  Deep Sea L (4) 
Similar to the sea horse, the hanatatsu swims “standing,” though instead of resembling a beast of burden, this saltwater fish has taken on the appearance of a sprig of coral.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

Its name comprising the Hingan terms “hana”, meaning nose, and “tatsu”, to stand, the peculiar branchlike protuberance for which this breed has come to be known is believed to be a development to help conceal it within the reef.
290  Lakes 
A freshwater fish so enormous, even the legends sung of the elusive wavekin do not do it justice.

Custom once dictated that in order to call oneself a freelance proper, the sellsword first had to reel in this fish of prodigious proportions.
290  Deep Sea M (2) 
Fishers seeking to land ocean-dwelling swordfish must take care not to accidentally impale themselves on the wavekin's serrated blade-like maw.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Fishermen willing to cross blades with this sharp-nosed billfish are in for a scrumptious treat, should they survive the battle.
Plum Gazer
225  Lakes 
Those seeking to land a plum gazer must travel to the secluded Plum Spring, hidden deep in Yanxia's Gensui Chain.

Found only in Yanxia's Plum Spring, the locals have predictably dreamt up some self-congratulatory inspirational fiction recounting how the fish was moved to scale mountains in hopes of spying the town's prize blossoms, because what other possible explanation could there be?
Zekki Gator
275  Deep Sea 
This giant shark regularly hunts the waters of the coast of the Isle of Zekki, and has been known to attack the pirates and fishers who frequent its strands.

This shark's “gator” misnomer, deriving from its Shishu origins, can be deceptive, but there is no mistaking the bloodthirsty “zekki” element, which essentially equates to “indiscriminate killer” in Hingan.
290  Lakes 
This freshwater fish native to the bogs of Dimwold will oft conceal itself beneath the planks of the Wraithwalk for protection.

Devastated by her husband's infidelities, the fisherman's wife hanged herself one night in the woods, and her visage would come to haunt him each day, upon the face of every fish he caught.
Castaway Chocobo Chick
1  Deep Sea 
Currently without a name. “Wilson” recommended.

Use item to acquire the castaway chocobo chick minion.

Though bred specially for traversing the five seas and beyond, this captivating cloudkin slipped away from his stables before his swimming lessons were complete, and as a result, can barely keep upright in water without the aid of his trusty life preserver.
Little Perykos
80  Deep Sea 
As is the case with the little Thalaos, the little Perykos is anything but small. Though normally only found in the Indigo Deep, this lord of the North Isle of Endless Summer can sometimes be found swimming in the five seas and beyond...yet for what reason, no one knows.

Miniature namesake of the sea serpent Llymlaen is said to have loosed upon the world alongside Thalaos, and the diminutive breed is possessed of a temper akin to that of a little Thalaos.
A tiny Ruby Sea mollusk with a beautiful spiral shell that is sought by jewelry makers across the Far East.

Those who dare gaze into its swirling whorls risk spiraling into infinite madness. Luckily, few have peered into that void, as an intact specimen of this fragile shell is scarcely to be found.
Black Boxfish
205   M (2) 
This saltwater cousin to the puffers changes color several times during its development, and it is only in the final years of adulthood that it bears the hue from which it earns its moniker.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Despite its name, the shading of this protogynous species is subject to variation as it transitions genders. As a result, some infer that its tenebrous title in fact references the deadly, viscous toxin it secretes.

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