Fish Guide

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Salt Shark
The salt shark has an elongated body that it can bend like an eel, allowing it to navigate Loch Seld's obstacle-strewn lakebed in search for prey.

This merciless lord of Loch Seld rules with an iron fin, visiting a nightly reign of terror upon the indigenous Flood Tuna, who live in perpetual fear of the salty tyrant.
King's Mantle
Very few species of octopus have been discovered in Loch Seld, but those that have─such as the king's mantle─are magnificently monstrous.

The sky-colored shine of its tapetum evokes the proud image of Ala Mhigan regalia, but the cape is only as good as the king, and the fish was unduly subjected to symbolic slaughter following the fall of Theodoric.
Sea Lamp
This variety of sea anemone emits a soft green glow when its tentacles are disturbed.

Discovery of this “new” bioluminescent species has been hailed as a breakthrough by academics, but the Kojin, who have dwelled beside the fish for countless generations, do not see what all the fuss is about.
This large saltwater predator can be found in the waters off both the eastern and western coasts of Hingashi.

Despite being the largest fish in its family, this exceptional hunter is remarkably fast, and sure to go quickly when served for supper as well.
Cherry Salmon
Though dubbed a salmon, this particular variety does not journey downstream to the sea, spending its entire life in the river where it was born.

Whether it is named for the fruit of the season in which it is oft seen or named for the sweetness of its flesh, under no circumstances should fish be paired with fruit.
Yu-no-hana Crab
Hingan folklore has that all hot springs were once dug from the ground by these hardy crustaceans.

Borrowing its name from the Hingan word for the “flowers” of sintered sediment found in hot springs, this crab has the curious ability to warm the waters around itself, not unlike younglings in a pool.
Dotharli Gudgeon
This freshwater fish commonly found in the upper One River is also known as the Mol gudgeon, the Kahkoli gudgeon, the Dataqi gudgeon, the Horo gudgeon, and after whichever other Xaela tribe that insists their ancestors first caught the species.

The namesake gudgeon of the Nhaama desert dwellers is also a kindred spirit, abiding the daylight's arc amid the shade of rocks, and emerging to hunt only at night.
River Clam
A small bivalve mollusk found living in the sands of the One River.

One man's dross is another man's dinner with these clams, and while the Xaela may turn their nose up in the steppes, the Yanxians are more than happy to chow down by the river.
Grass Shark
245   L (4) 
Grass sharks are massive, their size rivaling that of even the Glass Ocean's greatest predators─an amazing feat considering grass sharks live their entire lives in the confines of the One River.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

Fret not─this herbivorous catfish posing as a land shark is little more than a paper tiger.
Typhoon Shrimp
The typhoon shrimp is one of only a few shrimp species that can survive the toxically salty waters of Loch Seld.

These shrimp literally rained from the heavens above Gyr Abania after being swept up in the seismic sea storms of the Calamity.
Rock Oyster
This bivalve mollusk grows in abundance on boulders and statues submerged in Loch Seld.

The saviors of your dinner party come complete with their own dish. Simply soak the salt and sand out before serving to enjoy these heroes in the half shell.
Salt Urchin
The white coloring of the salt urchin's spines make them difficult to see on Loch Seld's colorless lakebed. Those who choose to wade through the shallows should always take care to protect their feet.

The whitening effect of salt-absorption is favored by natural selection amid the saline climes, and the seasoning effect is favored by Highlanders, who enjoy the urchins raw.
Carpenter Crab
A carpenter crab's claws are powerful enough to cut through solid wood. Whether or not a carpenter crab has ever constructed something from that wood remains unconfirmed.

An expert at meticulously crafting dwellings out of salt licks, this architectural crustacean's schematic weakness lies in its failure to build in a backdoor, allowing itself to be cornered by all too many guileful fishermen.
Spiny Lobster
This massive crustacean found in both the Ruby Sea and the Glass Ocean is considered a delicacy in the Far East, and is a luxury oft too extravagant for any but the richest of nobles to partake in.

To small sea creatures, this aquatic warrior strikes an imposing profile─clad in a chitinous, segmented exoskeleton of armor, brandishing menacing pincers, and flailing thick, whip-like antennae. Gods be praised they are tiny.
Mitsukuri Shark
There is no doubt that the mitsukuri shark's most defining feature is its katana-like mouth and the tales it has spawned of poor fishers being impaled.

While the shark bears the name of the venerated Far Eastern sea scholar who discovered it, genealogy hints that it is actually an ancestor of the Allagan bladeshark.
Doman Bubble Eye
260   S (1) 
A variety of bubble eye goldfish selectively bred by Doman royalty for innumerable generations.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

Initially the unintended by-product of rabid inbreeding among market goldfish, the Doman bubble eye has stabilized into a viable species with an eye-popping following, no doubt owing to its vibrant coloring and caricaturish expressions.
Dragon Squeaker
There are many theories as to why this remarkable breed of One River squeaker swims tail first, yet most have been dismissed as feeble attempts to explain what simply cannot be explained, such as why the sky is blue or why tides come in and the tides go out.

An old Doman fable tells of a presumptuous squeaker who sought to soar where only dragons dare venture, and was cast to the depths of the sea as punishment, never to surface again.
Dawn Herald
Though smaller than the dusk herald, the dawn herald is as commonly found in the waters of the One River as its close cousin.

Denizen of the middle and lower rivers of Othard who loyally serves as the eyes of the Dawn Father, to hear the Xaela tell it.
Salt Cellar
An ashen-shelled snail found throughout Loch Seld. Cooking the gastropods in their shells with garlic and herbs is the preferred method of consumption.

While a few are to be found in Loch Seld, one is far more likely to come across this swirly shell atop the tables of Ala Mhigo, where the cellar's abode is routinely repurposed into a salt shaker.
White Sturgeon
The white sturgeon is believed by some scholars to simply be normal sturgeons exhibiting albinism─a rare trait that became common once all the darker sturgeons were poached from Loch Seld on account of them being easy to see.

While fishmongers may carry cuts of this sturgeon, it is the caviar, marinated to perfection in the brine of Loch Seld, that is worth its weight in gold.
Tithe Collector
One of Loch Seld's largest native species.

The toothy grin this ruthless long-jawed killer flashes before bearing down on its prey will be a familiar sight to debtors who've taken loans from sharks of a different sort.
Bashful Batfish
The unique shape and coloration of the batfish makes this denizen of the Ruby Sea a highly sought-after specimen amongst collectors.

With wing-like fins, this dark crusader glides through the sea, a hero fighting for the small fry. The bashful bat relies not on witchery, instead prevailing with its physical prowess, genius intellect, and indomitable will.
River Bream
Unlike sea breams, this quirky cousin will travel back and forth 'twixt the brackish waters of a river's delta and the fresher waters upstream.

From the brackish estuaries to the fresh waters upstream, these protandrous fish visit every ilm of the river over the course of their lives.
Snipe Eel
The snipe eels of the One River will never grow plumper than an ilm or two in diameter, but can stretch to several yalms in length.

Myriad twisted tales of drowned souls have been tied to the eerie, rope-like appearance of this otherwise harmless anguilliform fish, whose only crime is wanting a hug.
275   M (2) 
A rare freshwater fish native to Yanxia and the Azim Steppe.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

The precious shade of pink worn by this adorable little angel tempts one to pinch its heavenly little fish cheeks. These domesticated darlings can be found watching over many an aquatic garden.

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