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Dusk Herald
275   M (2) 
The dusk herald is a fair-sized fish commonly found in the One River.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Looming larger than her dawn relative, the dusk herald benights the waters with silver-blue scales of twilight in devout service to Nhaama.
Glaring Perch
This freshwater perch is found up and down the One River.

Fiercely territorial from birth, the younglings seek to intimidate any and all who enter their perceived sphere of dominion, kin included; a posture that sits perfectly well with the Oronir.
Abalathian Pipira
While given the modifier Abalathian, this particular pipira will not be found in the Spine's western or even central regions, preferring the biting salty waters of the Lochs.

This pipira's saltwater habitat seasons it to perfection, soliciting no assistance on the part of the cook other than to slap the fish on the grill, making for an unmistakable taste of Ala Mhigo the first time, and every time.
Steel Loach
The steel loach's scintillant silver body reflects sunlight in a manner that makes the fish difficult to spot in its native Loch Seld.

Before reaching out to caress the smooth and lustrous chrome of this seemingly metallic specimen, be forewarned that it is indeed a slimy, smelly fish.
Ivory Sole
The whitish grey skin of this large flatfish allows it to hide itself on the bottom of Loch Seld with such efficiency that for years Ala Mhigans thought the species extinct.

While the sole may resemble the bottom of a foot, this fastidious fish is mindful not to tread on its predators' toes, and its ivory sheen allows it to step lightly among the flora of the lake floor.
Motley Beakfish
290   L (4) 
A striped carnivore that hunts the Ruby Sea.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

A slough of unflattering sobriquets, many of which cannot be uttered in polite company, are ascribed to this beakfish at its various phases of development, hence its “motley” moniker. Needless to say, the tale of the ugly beakfish does not end happily.
A rare, sea-dwelling scalekin infamous for its gaping maw lined with multiple rows of blade-like teeth, though official observations by scholars put the fang count at no more than a few score.

When one predatory trait far exceeds any local resistance, a species is wont to remain largely the same, and such is the case of this immutable scalekin, whose preternatural olfactory sense has allowed it to sniff out prey, track the scent, and stave off adaptation for ages.
290   L (4) 
Let not its dolphin-like appearance fool you. The ichthyosaur is a ravenous scalekin that feeds on squid, fish, and the occasional man overboard.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

Researchers spent decades attempting to mark the spot where this scalekin fell on the ancestral scale between fish and dolphin only to recently find that it had never actually gone extinct.
290   M (2) 
A unique saltwater fish featuring astonishingly overgrown dorsal and anal fins.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

The braggadocio of the sailfin landed it in the One River, as the mighty Susano put the arrogant fish in its place by casting it out of the Ruby Sea, banishing it from its home for once and for all.
An extremely rare freshwater fish whose face is covered in countless whisker-like protrusions.

Possessed of an imposing frame and whiskers that speak to its wisdom, this fish calls to mind the balance of body and spirit embodied by the ancient masters, and appears cognizant of nature's innermost secrets.
This large freshwater fish's skin features brilliant streaks of fiery yellow and orange.

The act of swallowing the sun burned a permanent orange hue in to the scales of this hungry fire-eater and brought about the first eclipse, in case there was any question concerning how that astronomical phenomenon occurred.
Fickle Krait
Special glands within the fickle krait's body create a deadly poison feared by fishers and coveted by assassins.

Feared and reviled by the public for the role its deadly venom played in the infamous assassination of a feudal lord, the snake itself is blameless, exhibiting a passive temperament and not ordinarily given to biting.
Eternal Eye
This tiny species' skin exhibits a violet hue rarely seen in freshwater fish.

Unblinking sentinel left in the wake of the Dawn Father and Dusk Mother's departure to watch over the Xaela in their absence.
Soul of the Stallion
A rare white freshwater fish believed to harbor the soul of a once-proud steppe stallion.

According to the existential hierarchy of Xaela reincarnation, fishliness is next to godliness. Horses who serve their masters well in life ascend to the waters afterward, with the most noble of destriers reborn in pristine scales of white.
Flood Tuna
The descendants of sea tuna believed by scholars to have arrived in Loch Seld during the great flood that ended the Fifth Astral Era.

This fish is said to have been found atop the peaks of Abalathia's Spine following the great deluge of the Calamity, though the claims are widely regarded as wildly inaccurate, if not patently false.
Mercenary Crab
This heavily armored crab is one of few species adapted to the hypersalinated waters of Loch Seld.

This freelance, armed with a sturdy helm and pair of pincers, was once consulted for tactical strategy, as oracles invoked plastromancy to divine routes to victory from the lines beneath its carapace.
A pigmentless fish found solely in Loch Seld.

The Sharlayans lightheartedly dubbed this fish a “butterfly,” while in Ala Mhigo it was given the macabre moniker of “wraith,” a textbook illustration of a cultural bias anecdote referenced by scholars ad infinitum despite the fact everyone has already heard it a hundred times over.
Silken Sunfish
A rare breed of sunfish that can survive only in waters exhibiting extreme salinity.

These flat, flaxen fish are instinctively drawn to floating objects, so there's a fair chance a friendly one will swim up to greet visitors in the water. Whether or not to return the hail by harpooning the fish is at the visitor's discretion.
An aggressive scalekin native to the saline waters of Loch Seld.

Infighting among this breed of scalekin is rampant, as merely being a member of the species atop the food chain of Loch Seld will not suffice for these bloodthirsty despots, who seek utter and total dominance over all.
Tiny Tatsunoko
If the Hingan word for sea horse is tatsunoko, would that make this a sea pony? Your little sea pony?

Use item to acquire the tiny tatsunoko minion.

While it is the female tatsunoko who lays the eggs, it is the male who sees them through gestation in a brood pouch on its belly. And if that doesn't make you truly stop and think, nothing will.
300  Lakes 
A freshwater fish easily recognizable for its vivid black and white stripes.

A freshwater fish, so named for its resemblance to the vestments worn by the cardinals of Ishgard's orthodox faith.
300  Lakes S (1) 
Despite the insistence of fishers raised on colorful local folklore, the massive knob atop this freshwater fish's head does not contain hidden treasure.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

This fish is covered in lumpy protrusions and attaches itself to riverbeds with a sucker-like abdominal fin. In a somewhat disappointing discovery, naturalists found that the skin of a rockfish is far less rigid than its stony appearance would suggest.
300  Deep Sea L (4) 
Its Hingan name roughly translating to “floating tree,” this variety of Eastern sunfish neither floats nor is a tree.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

This variety of Eastern sunfish makes its home in the Ruby Sea. Local fisherfolk named it for its passing resemblance to a floating log, though outsiders struggle to see the similarities.
Violet Prismfish
300  Lakes M (2) 
The pale violet glow emitted by this freshwater fish is believed to be caused by unbalanced levels of aspected aether in the wavekin's humours.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Upon sensing a threat to its safety, this vibrantly colored fish discharges a weak jolt of lightning-aspected energy. Though far from lethal, the sudden shock has caused many an unwary fisherman to inadvertently release his precious catch.
300  Lakes S (1) 
This tiny fish once found throughout the Three Great Continents has been harvested to near extinction, and is now prized by pisciculturists.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]

The rainbow-like shimmer of this freshwater fish is highly prized by aquarium enthusiasts. The name is said to be derived from the Sharlayan naturalist who first discovered it, though references to any scholarly “Guppy” have never been officially confirmed.

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