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Named after a blade appearing in Hingan legend, the ichimonji has a long, protruding mouth lined with countless razor-like teeth.

Taking its name from a Hingan blade of legend, this razor-toothed wavekin is one of the few predators known to successfully hunt the slippery snailfish.
This unique saltwater fish has not a scale on its entire body.

The unusual snailfish is covered in a supple, gelatinous skin rather than scales, allowing it to wriggle free from the jaws of would-be predators.
Gyr Abanian Chub
205  Rivers 
A freshwater fish most commonly found in the Velodyna and Hathoeva Rivers.

When spawning, the head and tail of the Gyr Abanian chub take on a lustrous hue. It is commonly believed that this change in color drastically improves the fish's otherwise mundane flavor.
Coral Horse
210  Deep Sea 
This rare specimen of sea horse has a body that so closely resembles coral that it can be almost impossible to locate amongst the reefs it calls home.

A close relative of the hanatatsu, this sea horse has a body that almost exactly mimics the appearance of the coral in which it lives. So complete is this disguise, that some liken it to a ninja. Of the sea.
Maiden's Heart
215  Lakes 
It is believed that only one in every thousand marimo is born blood red instead of the more common green. An exact count has yet to be conducted.

It is said that this brightly colored marimo is the soul of a fair maid who cast herself into a lake after being publicly spurned by a lover of superior social standing. Those who profess belief in this folktale are oddly unperturbed by the existence of more than one maiden's heart.
Velodyna Salmon
220  Rivers 
Similar to Aldenard's other salmon species, this salmon also spends its entire life in the sea, until returning to the Velodyna to spawn...and die.

This species of salmon swims in the Velodyna and Hathoeva rivers. The people of Gyr Abania mark its journey upstream as a sure sign that the seasons have turned.
Purple Buckler
225  Lakes 
There was a time that these snapping turtles were caught for their nigh-impenetrable shells which were used as shields by the ancient Gyr Abanian highland clans.

Warriors once hunted these snapping turtles to fashion shields from their shells, hence the descriptive name. Others, however, have long valued the creature for the invigorating properties of its flesh, either consumed directly or distilled into a potent tonic.
Mirage Mahi
320  Rivers L (4) 
A sizable catch found primarily in the freshwater highland rivers of Gyr Abania.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]

With scales that sparkle like solid gold, this distant freshwater relative to the mahi-mahi is sometimes referred to by local fishers as a “river coeurl” due to its voracious appetite and violent temperament.
320  Coastlines 
A deadly saltwater breed that protects itself with a pair of needle-like fins and a nigh-impenetrable coat of translucent scales.

With needle-tipped dorsal and ventral fins, and coarse skin reminiscent of rough-spun linen, triplespines have been known to cause irritation in the fishers who make their livelihood handling the unique wavekin.
Alligator Snapping Turtle
320  Lakes 
This land turtle can easily be identified by both its pointed shell and its powerful bite.

Possibly not fully comprehending the inherent danger in provoking an animal with the words “alligator” and “snapping” in its name, Gyr Abanian freelancers readily partake in a harrowing drinking game that involves downing a flagon of bitter salt ale after poking and prodding one of these ill-tempered turtles' tender noses with their bare hands.
320  Lakes 
A large freshwater fish that has─surprise─a distinct red tail fin.

This brightly hued cousin to the common catfish is known for literally biting off far more than it can chew─fishers oft netting weakened or dead specimens having swallowed prey too large for their narrow gullets.
Usuginu Octopus
320  Deep Sea 
This crafty cephalopod can be found all along the Ruby Sea coastline─usually in the belly of some Hingan fisher who has eaten the creature raw and with a splash of soy sauce and citrus.

A thin-skinned cousin of the koromo octopus─the name usuginu literally meaning “light cloth”─this majestic cephalopod is favored by Hingan gourmands for its firm, muscular tentacles which are eaten both raw and boiled.
320  Salt Lakes 
The saltmill is believed to be an ancient sea specimen which adapted to life in hypersalinated waters after being transplanted into Loch Seld after the Calamity of Water.

Named such for its uncanny ability to break underwater salt formations with its cog-like teeth, this gluttonous specimen feeds on the tiny fish that are left in the wake of its destruction. And while those fry would disagree, salt collectors who work the bleached shores of the Lochs treat saltmill sightings as a symbol of providence.
Bonsai Fish
320  Rivers 
From afar, this freshwater fish can appear to be a piece of floating woodland debris. Up close, it looks like a fish.

The bonsai fish's resemblance to a leafy tree branch protects the surface-swimming wavekin from hungry birds looking for their next meal.
Ribbon Eel
320  Deep Sea 
A unique petal-shaped maw and ribbon-like body distinguish this saltwater eel from more common varieties.

Also known as the hanahige (or “flower beard”) eel by fishers of the Ruby Sea, this narrow-bodied wavekin surprisingly begins its life completely black, only taking on the brilliant blues and yellows for which it is revered after reaching adulthood.
Red Prismfish
320  Lakes M (2) 
The pale red glow emitted by this freshwater fish is believed to be caused by unbalanced levels of aspected aether in the wavekin's humours.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

One of a red prismfish's defense mechanisms includes a slight discharge of bodily heat that will serve to frighten a predator. However, so imbued with the element fire are some of the wavekin that they have been known to boil themselves when tossed in cookpots...or so fishers say.
Elder Gourami
320  Rivers M (2) 
Despite the beard-like ventral fins which give this freshwater wavekin an aged look, gourami only have an average lifespan of three to five summers.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Myriad nomad tribes of the Azim Steppe have taken to calling this otherwise unremarkable member of the gourami family “elder” for its twin beard-like ventral fins.
290  Deep Sea XL (7) 
Anyone who has seen far enough into the maw of a shrieker to confirm whether its rows of teeth line not just one, but two pharyngeal jaws could not have lived to tell the tale, so the anatomy of this cryptid remains shrouded in mystery.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]

Despite its existence being little more than a rumor, nine out of ten sailors will swear (like sailors) on their grandmothers' graves that the fabled shrieker is nearly identical in appearance to the almost-as-fabled Olgoi-Khorkhoi.
White Goldfish
290  Lakes 
A freshwater fish unattuned to any particular element.

A life of solitude in the aether-starved depths of Prism Lake has left this miniature carp devoid of both color and aspect.
Firelight Goldfish
320  Lakes 
This freshwater fish lacks distinct aetherial balance─a trait that has influenced its coloration.

Though the modifier suggests an aspect to fire, this unique wavekin found only in Prism Lake lacks a definite aetherial charge─a trait that ultimately serves as a death sentence for the short-lived species.
320  Lakes 
A king among Abalathian bitterlings, and lord of the waters of the upper Mirage Creek.

Countless are the fishers who have cast their lines hoping to be the first to land this elusive prize─their hooks worn by the wavekin in defiance.
Sapphire Fan
320  Lakes 
A king among cave killifish, and lord of the waters of Dimwold.

The dorsal fin of this king among killifish is so brilliantly blue that the item was once prized by noblewomen, who would use the appendages as fans at social gatherings...that is until their stench saw them fall out of fashion.
The Archbishop
320  Lakes M (2) 
A king among cardinalfish, and lord of the waters of the Comet's Tail.

[Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]

Every time the largest of their school is caught, the cardinalfish hold an underwater conclave to select a new Archbishop. Or so the Vault's pious tell their bastards in the Brume before tucking them into bed.
320  Lakes 
A king among Enid shrimp, and lord of the waters of Grymm & Enid.

There are those who believe that this enormous Enid shrimp's claws are so powerful that they can sever the very bonds of marriage. Then there are some who simply believe the claws go best with hot clarified butter.
The Undecided
320  Rivers 
A king among rapids jumpers, and lord of the waters of the Slow Wash.

Despite extended research into the behavior, scholars have been unable to determine exactly why this peculiar variety of rapids jumper feels inclined to constantly travel up and down stream, the prevailing hypothesis currently being “just because.”

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