Fish Guide

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320  Salt Lakes 
A king among pearl-eyes, and lord of the waters of Loch Seld.

Countless summers swimming in heavily salinated waters have fostered the growth of salt crystals around the eyes of this near-blind, yet bedazzled wavekin.
Rising Dragon
320  Deep Sea 
A king among hanatatsu, and lord of the waters of Kugane Piers.

Domans have long set great store by natural remedies such as infusions made with ground hanatatsu. And as is the case with most of these remedies, the bigger the specimen, the more potent the final product is believed to be─the key word here being “believed.”
The Gambler
320  Deep Sea 
A king among striped fugu, and lord of the waters of Shirogane.

Lauded by gourmands as one of the most succulent fish in the world, consumption of this delicacy comes with a risk─the flesh can prove extremely deadly unless prepared in a precise manner. Still, those who have survived claim it was worth the gamble. Those who have died were not available for comment.
The Winter Queen
320  Deep Sea 
A queen among harutsuge, and lady of the waters of Shoal Rock.

For this ancient harutsuge, spring never comes, and while her brethren follow the warm currents to the Indigo Deep, she remains to rule the Ruby Tide in royal solitude.
320  Deep Sea 
A king among Zekki gators, and lord of the waters of the Isle of Zekki.

Every year a handful of foolish youths from SuinoSato will set out into the Ruby Sea in search of Rakshasa─lord of the Zekki gators and one of the fastest predators of the deep─and every year, all fail to return. Though, this year's foolish youths claim they have a good feeling about their chances.
320  Rivers 
A king among samurai fish, and lord of the waters of Doma Castle.

This wavekin was aptly dubbed Bokuden─wandering swordsman of legend─after a territorial scuffle saw three score samurai fish float to the surface of the waters before Doma Castle.
Hagoromo Koi
320  Lakes 
A king among silken koi, and lord of the waters of Plum Spring.

Legend has that this white-scaled wavekin is an angel who fell in love with a mortal and was transformed into a koi and cast from the heavens by her father as punishment. Correction: was an angel.
The Word of God
320  Rivers 
A king among Tao bitterlings, and lord of the waters of Tao Khaal.

The Mol believe they are made to endure divine trials that they must overcome to prove their worth. Catching a blessed Tao bitterling was one of these trials. Seeing as they did not catch it, their god will now punish them.
Yat Khan
320  Rivers 
A khan among Yat goby, and lord of the waters of the lower Yat Khaal.

Is there none who would dispute this goby's claim to the rule of Yat Khaal? If you answered “no,” you would be correct.
205  Lakes 
A rare freshwater fish wearing the skull of a small animal.

The bones of the curefish─a curious specimen that will often wear the skull of drowned beasts to frighten away predators─are thought to possess curative properties, making them a popular commodity.
Lake Sphairai
210  Lakes 
The protruding fangs of this freshwater fish are even sharper than those of a coeurl.

A cousin to the coeurlfish with teeth said to be as sharp as legendary Sphairai; though, it is not recommended to discard of your actual Sphairai should you happen upon one of these wavekin.
Warmscale Pleco
215  Rivers 
This variety of pleco has adapted to thrive in freezing environs.

The ability to manipulate fire aether allows this wavekin to heat its dorsal fin which, in turn, warms the surrounding waters, enabling it to survive even the coldest of climes. The fin will exhibit these qualities for moons after being removed from the fish.
Shirogane Clam
220  Coastlines 
A silvery bivalve mollusk that inhabits the Ruby Sea.

Not only does this mollusk produce invaluable pearls, but its shells are treasured by goldsmiths across Hingashi for their unmatched luster.
Illuminati Mask
225  Lakes 
This cephalopod resembles the masks worn by a certain nefarious goblin faction─much to the alarm of many an unsuspecting fisher.

This rare cephalopod, loosely related to the goblin's mask, not only has skin with a bluish tinge, but will blind its enemies with a blast of indigo ink, making it difficult for fishers not to call it by its current colorful name.
This creature's spiral shell can be carved to reveal a bright-red, lustrous interior.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Steppe Barramundi
A fish that thrives in the freshwater bodies of the Azim Steppe.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Water Fan
A bivalve mollusk named for its resemblance to an uchiwa fan.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Arrowhead Snail
A snail known for its sharply pointed shell.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Invisible Catfish
A fleshy fish that rarely shows itself to would-be predators.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Khaal Crab
A crustacean that thrives in the rivers of the Azim Steppe.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Fish Offering
A small fish suitable for ritual sacrifice.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Fatty Eel
An eel that thrives on the Azim Steppe, replete with fatty oils for the harvesting.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Crimson Copperfish
A freshwater fish named for the rich metallic hue of its scales.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Zagas A'khaal
An exceedingly common fish that thrives (perhaps overmuch) in the rivers of the Azim Steppe.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

Gigas Catfish
A catfish larger than any catfish ought to be.

※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.

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