Fish Guide

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340  Lakes 
A king among meditators, and lord of the waters of the Ephor.

Fisher monks of the Gyr Abanian Peaks claim this wavekin escaped death during the Calamity by entering a deep meditative state. Five summers later, upon attaining true enlightenment, the meditator awoke, and now swims the highland waters once more.
Princess Killifish
340  Rivers 
A princess─obviously─among rainbow killifish, and lady of the waters of the Silver Canal.

Only one in every thousand thousand killifish are born with a light golden hue for which collectors will literally commit regicide...or at least abduction.
340  Deep Sea 
A king among coeurl snake eels, and lord of the waters of the Ruby Price.

A bastardization of the Eorzean word “coeurl,” this uniquely patterned wavekin's name was given by Doman fishers who had read of the legendary leonine beasts of the Far West in poorly translated copies of Gridania's foremost publication, The Raven.
340  Deep Sea 
A king among blackfin snake eels, and lord of the waters of Onokoro.

As most of the sumptuous wavekin are snatched up by Far Eastern fishers, rarely does a snake eel reach the size of this monstrous serpent.
Hagoromo Bijin
340  Rivers 
A queen among seraphim, and lady of the western waters of the One River.

The billowing fins of this Far Eastern seraphim are oft compared to a kimono featured in a famous painting of a legendary angelic being.
340  Lakes 
A khan among hardscales, and lord of the waters of Azim Khaat.

Xaela legend has that this massive wavekin was born from a scale shed by the Dawn Father. Scholars insist it has simply had the good fortune not to be eaten.
Blade Skipper
340  Rivers 
A khan among dry steppe skippers, and lord of the waters of the upper Yat Khaal.

Several of the Azim Steppe's nomadic tribes believe this blood skipper, native to the One River, leapt from the depths of its Yanxian home and rode the thick blades of lush Steppe grass all the way north and east to the Upper Yat Khaal where it now dwells.
Lily of the Veil
340  Lakes 
A queen among Ala Mhigan ribbons and lady of the waters of the Arms of Meed.

The eccentricities of noblewomen in pre-occupation Gyr Abania knew no bounds, one such involving the overgrown dorsal fins of Ala Mhigan ribbons which were worn as veils at various social functions. To which, the fish eventually earned the moniker, Lily of the Veil─a play on words the ladies surely believed droll.
The Vegetarian
340  Deep Sea 
Fisher legend has there was once a mighty liopleurodon who, unsatisfied with a diet of Namazu, is said to have set its sights on plumper prey─namely a portly Lalafellin regent with a penchant for skinny dipping in the warm waters near Hells' Lid. However, the fish quickly learned the limits of its maw's gape, and crestfallen, abandoned the king, a crown-shaped scar on its upper lip its only prize. But rather than sulk, this beast from the deep spent the rest of its life devouring creatures far larger than it, and now, five thousand summers later, the descendant of that legendary pioneer polishes off Plainsfolk like they were popotoes, proving once and for truly does find a way.

Covered in both bone-hard scales and countless deadly spikes─spikes which, upon close inspection, appear to be covered in spikes of their own─this slightly bioluminescent specimen is a king among liopleurodons, and lord of the waters near Hells' Lid.
Seven Stars
340  Deep Sea 
A king among tawny wench sharks and lord of the waters off the Isle of Bekko.

Like stars in the night sky, the maw of this tawny wench shark is pocked with scars left by the myriad attempts of lesser fishers to claim this lofty prize.
340  Coastlines 
A king among globefish and lord of the waters off Isari.

The ladies-in-waiting who serve the Ruby Princess are said to weave their ruler's silken gowns with the spines of this deadly globefish known to stalk its victims to the Seventh Hell.
Pomegranate Trout
340  Lakes 
A queen among Doman trout and lady of the waters of the Heron's Nest.

It is said that the jewel-like roe of this rare Doman trout has spawned a thousand wars─the blood of those who would fight and die to acquire such a delicacy proving the only thing redder than the eggs themselves.
340  Rivers 
A king among river barramundi and lord of the waters of the Heron's Way.

Eastern fishers will swear that the demon-like eyes of this unique river barramundi will follow you, no matter where you stand. More than one charlatan has sought to profit off this phenomenon, harvesting the eyes from fish markets and selling them to Eorzean alchemists under the guise of “voidsent optics.”
Hermit's End
340  Lakes 
A king among nogoi and lord of the waters of Namai.

Residents of the Doman mountain village of Namai claim this plump nogoi to be a hermit who, having grown weary of the monotony of his life, transformed himself into a fish, that he might pass his remaining years without care for the burdens of mankind.
Suiten Ippeki
340  Rivers 
A king among lordly salmon and lord of the waters near the mercantile docks.

Meaning the “deep blue of sea and sky,” its name was coined by a poet who once viewed the brilliant salmon swimming the crystal clear waters of the One River and claimed it was as if the very heavens had descended from above.
340  Rivers 
A king among Yanxian barramundi and lord of the waters of the One River (east).

Most would have you believe that this overlarge Yanxian barramundi was named after local smallfolk witnessed the wavekin attempt to swallow the axel of a Kojin's barrow that had fallen into the One River. The truth of the matter is that it was not the barrow that fell into the river, but the Kojin himself...who just so happened to be named Axelrod.
The Unraveled Bow
340  Lakes 
A king among Doman eels and lord of the waters of Prism Canyon.

Legend states that, arrested by the sheer brilliance of a rainbow bestraddled athwart Prism Canyon, an angel from on high plucked a band from the bow and whispered unto it the secret of life. The band then slipped from her hand to the water below where it became an eel as green as jade.
Nhaama's Treasure
340  Lakes 
A queen among Nhaama's boons and lady of the waters of Dotharl Khaa.

Believed by many of the Azim Steppe's Xaela tribes to be a gift from the Dusk Mother herself, this large wavekin is oft presented as a reward in contests of mettle held during scared festivals.
Garden Skipper
340  Rivers 
A king among steppe skippers and lord of the waters of Nem Khaal.

Some of the Othard's nomadic tribes view this large green skipper as an ill omen that their journey is about to end, and have been known to go as far as abandoning their fishing rods to the river rather than risk reeling one in.
340  Rivers 
A king among curtain plecos and lord of the waters of Hak Khaal.

The banderole earns its name from its pinion-like dorsal fin that is so large it is oft mistaken for a Xaelan standard fallen into the khaal.
Northern Oyster
230  Rivers 
The shell of this bivalved mollusk mimics the jagged rocks found throughout the cold northern seas, making it almost impossible to find by anyone but the most keen-eyed of fishers.

Ishgardians are known to treasure this cold-water shellfish, despite the extreme difficulty both harvesting the wavekin and opening their vice-like shells to retrieve the succulent flesh hidden within. A method of preparation popular amongst the See's nobles involves boiling the oysters to create a thin broth, and then tossing the meat to their hounds.
Ruby Laver
245  Deep Sea 
Though a brilliant red when in water, the thin leaves of this seaweed turn pitch black when removed from the sea and dried.

A longstanding staple amongst the costal villages along the Ruby Sea, this nutrient-rich seaweed finds its way into most every dish, from breakfast to supper. It is even added to rice wine to enhance its flavor.
260  Lakes 
This freshwater fish can be found throughout Gyr Abania, and is a staple amongst those monks who have chosen not to abstain from consuming the flesh of living creatures.

Bemoaning her inability to open even a single chakra, a monk set off into the hills to meditate. For ten days and ten nights did she fast, until on the eleventh day, overcome with hunger, she spied a lone fish in a shallow pond. Unable to control herself, the monk lunged atop the fry and sank her teeth into its sweet, cold which time she opened all seven chakra, achieving enlightenment everlasting.
Wicked Wartfish
275  Deep Sea 
This grotesque deep-sea dweller has adapted to the warm waters off the volcanic isle of Hells' Lid, and thus cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Cursed with a face so ugly, it is said demons of the underworld use the wartfish to frighten souls attempting to escape into returning to hell.
Othardian Salmon
290  Rivers 
As is the case with all salmon, this freshwater fish will migrate to the sea after hatching, only to return to the river in which it was spawned to die.

The light and flaky flesh of the Othardian salmon pairs well with the aromatic rice wines of Hingashi, making the fish a highly sought-after commodity throughout the realm.

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