Fish Guide

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Laxan Carp
390  Lakes 
Despite what the name may imply, this variety of freshwater fish can be found in multiple locations in the Crystarium.

These scaly swimmers were once ten a gil in Lakeland, before being driven to extinction by the Flood. Now they exist only in the experimental breeding beds of the Crystarium.
390  Lakes 
This variety of starfish is a deep blue and shimmers like a comet's tail.

These bright blue starfish are used by the educators of the Crystarium to teach children about the stars, leading their nights to be filled with terrors about the wriggling, writhing, five-fingered fiends that lurk unseen in the skies above them.
Jacketed Snail
395  Lakes 
This peculiar, though curiously endearing, gastropod is draped in layers of membrane.

Despite the name, this creature is not a true snail, nor does it wear clothes. It changes its “jacket” each season as it sheds its outer skin, swapping between a coeurl-skin pattern and a sleek, velveteen look. This makes it one of the most fashionable gastropods in the sea.
Lover's Flower
395  Lakes 
Despite the petal-like appearance of their appendages, presenting a fistful of these mollusks to one's sweetheart is not recommended.

A species of sea hare with pretty pink fins like the petals of a flower. However, present the apple of your eye with a posy of these creatures, and your love will surely be nipped in the bud─despite all appearances, they are vicious, flesh-eating fiends.
395  Lakes 
This Crystarium freshwater fish is in fact much prettier than its crude name implies.

Their white scales and winglike fins are redolent of the sin eaters, which earned them the enmity of the citizens of the Crystarium. After realizing the error of their ways, they gave the fish the name “sinspitter” to mark them out as an enemy of their enemy─and therefore, a friend.
Wandering Catfish
400  Lakes 
This variety of catfish was named not for any particular propensity for travel, but rather after its home─the Wandering Stairs.

These catfish swim in the waters around the Wandering Stairs, their fins sloshing sleepily around the pub's sleepy, sloshed patrons. And like those same patrons, they survive almost entirely on bar snacks.
Crystal Knife
390  Lakes 
A slim, metal-colored freshwater fish from the Crystarium.

This wavekin is named for its resemblance to a blade of sharp, thin crystal─so much so that rumor has it the Crystal Exarch once mistakenly attempted to open his correspondence with one.
400  Lakes 
The flesh of this diminutive freshwater fish is so pale as to be translucent.

With the exception of its skeleton, this fish's body is almost completely transparent. Unscrupulous traders in exotic wavekin will sometimes attempt to pass off the rehydrated remains of their supper as one of these, so buyers beware.
Milky Coral
395  Deep Sea 
White coral commonly found near the city of Eulmore.

Bleached coral that bloomed in the seas around Eulmore after the Flood. Pieces oft wash up on the nearby shores, where those who starve in the city's shadows use it to craft jewelry to sell for scraps. Some say the coral looks just like day-old meol, but this may be just a hunger-addled daydream.
Gravel Mussel
395  Deep Sea 
These shellfish are often scooped up by residents of the Derelicts to supplement their meager diets.

Tiny, slate-grey shellfish that are oft mistaken for small stones. Those with keen eyes and a stomach as empty as their schedules can spend hour after hour picking through pebbles to find these mussels, from which a nourishing broth can be brewed.
Crimson Sea Spider
400  Deep Sea 
Hopefully picking this up wasn't how you learned of the existence of sea spiders. If it was─surprise! Sea spiders are real.

This ocean arachnid is almost all legs. While the realm's dwarves turn green with jealousy, the spider prefers to adopt an eye-catching red hue, making it a prized specimen in the aquariums of Eulmoran collectors.
395  Deep Sea 
These unappetizing specimens proliferate in the Derelicts, where residents have little choice but to scrape what flesh they can from them.

With virtually flavorless flesh and more bones than a graveyard, this fish only graces the plates of those who can afford nothing else. After the handouts of meol began, the bonefish has all but disappeared from the diets of even the most desperate citizens.
Eulmore Butterfly
403  Deep Sea 
A brightly colored and riotously patterned fish that looks right at home in the gaudy environs of Eulmore.

This wavekin is highly prized for its beauty among Eulmoran nobles. Such is its popularity, several of the high houses are known to have bonded able fishers to their employ, for the sole purpose of keeping their butterfly stocks maintained.
Red Hammerhead
403  Deep Sea 
Despite its whimsical appearance, this shark is nevertheless perfectly capable of biting one's face off if provoked.

There was once a blacksmith who forged for the high houses of Eulmore. Unlike his steel, the man was quick to temper. None know for certain what drove him to murder his masters, but he and his bloody hammer were thrown into the ocean, to be reborn as this very wavekin.
Hard Candy
390  Lakes 
A glossy ball of moss found in Lakeland. Does not, in fact, taste like candy.

When sea beasts suck these algal organisms into their maws, it looks as if they are sucking on sweets─hence the unusual name. In truth, they are soft, sticky, and taste of seaweed.
Water Ball
390  Lakes 
A rotund, white freshwater fish found in Lakeland.

An albino subspecies of the official balls common to Il Mheg. Scholars believe that the ancestors of these freshwater wavekin were shunned by their brightly colored cousins and fled to Lakeland to begin a new life, free from pigment-based prejudice.
Abyssal Snail
390  Lakes 
This gastropod sports an unusual purple shell.

A purple-shelled snail that feeds on the leaves of Lakeland plants. It is named not for any hellish qualities of its own, but after its shell's resemblance to the horns of a legendary demon from the deep.
Clean Saucer
390  Lakes 
In its natural habitat, this fish spends most of its time deep below the surface, skipping itself across the lakebed.

A flat white fish that resembles the spotless crockery of a tea drinker indisposed to spillage. Its underside is a vivid purple─hang around in taverns long enough, and you're bound to hear the tale of how the clean saucer got its bruised bottom sooner or later.
Rabbit Skipper
390  Lakes 
It is said that this fish's frolicsome nature gave rise to its name─though it is entirely possible that scholars retroactively came up with this explanation to conceal the fact that they simply named it after the first white thing that came to mind.

With its white and red eyes, long earlike fins and proclivity for hopping to and fro on the surface of the water, this wavekin would seem to be a rabbit born in the wrong body. Scholars hypothesize that they feed mainly on carrots, but this is as yet unconfirmed.
Xanthic Bass
390  Lakes 
This unusually vivid freshwater bass has scales of yellow and burnt orange.

A wavekin stained a vibrant amber hue from tip to tail. Some say that this curious coloration serves as protection from the blazing rays of the Flood. Those of a more fabulous bent insist that its yellow belly is but a physical manifestation of its cowardly nature.
Albino Caiman
390  Lakes 
A naturally pure white caiman.

A ferocious hunter that lurks in shallow waters, waiting for its prey to stray too close before it strikes. When its pure white body bursts through the surface of a blood-stained lake, it resembles nothing more than a blob of fresh cream atop a rolanberry coulis. But with more teeth.
Platinum Guppy
420  Lakes 
This beautiful freshwater fish was given its name by the Crystal Exarch, if rumors are to be believed.

A freshwater fish with beautiful, iridescent fins. Though native to the First, the name “guppy” was bestowed upon it by the Crystal Exarch himself, apparently after a naturalist from his native land.
Misty Killifish
395  Lakes 
The body of this freshwater fish is semi-transparent, like a thin fog over the sea.

A translucent fish whose internal organs can be seen through its skin, shining redly like the setting sun. When raised in an aquarium, the organs redden even further, perhaps in embarrassment at having their private parts put on display.
Albino Rock Crab
395  Lakes 
A bright white crab snared in Lakeland.

A surfeit of aether in its home waters has blanched this crab of all color. However, it takes on a bright, scarlet hue when blanched in boiling water. This sudden and surprising transformation is enough to make one blanch.
Snakeskin Discus
395  Lakes 
This variety of vividly patterned freshwater fish is oft spotted near Sullen.

A wavekin whose scales form a mottled pattern like the skin of a snake. The size of the spots hardly changes from fryhood to adulthood, rather increasing in number as it grows. The pattern protects the fish from dunderheaded predators, who mistake this small, round, flat fish for a dangerous constrictor.

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