Fish Guide

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Yellow Pipira
403  Lakes 
A tiny-yet-fierce fish from the Rak'tika Greatwood.

The yellow pipira appears a docile creature, drifting leisurely in warm waters. However, its teeth are coated with a paralyzing toxin, with which it immobilizes its prey before eating them alive. Appearances can be deceptive.
403  Lakes 
One of a species of fish farmed by the Children of the Everlasting Dark...who will not be best pleased to find it has been poached.

This wavekin resides in the waters of Woven Oath, and would be utterly unremarkable were it not for the role it plays in the rites of the Children of the Everlasting Dark, who burn it black over a bonfire before consuming the ashen remains.
Night's Bass
406  Rivers 
It is thought that this variety of bass was originally bred in Voeburt, and only later introduced to Rak'tika.

Introduced to the Greatwood to provide sustenance for the colonies of the Night's Blessed, this is a fecund and fast-growing fish. However, some argue that the bass's proliferation risks unbalancing the river's delicate ecosystem.
Rak'tika Trout
406  Rivers 
A member of a species of trout that thrives in the bough-sheltered waters of the Greatwood.

These freshwater wavekin embark on great migrations around the waterways of Norvrandt, only returning to the Greatwood to spawn. Their ascent of the mighty falls of Lozatl's Conquest is one of the wonders of fishkind.
Clown Tetra
409  Lakes 
A freshwater fish patterned with broad black stripes.

A wavekin whose scales are striped with two subdued hues—grey and dark grey. Its fry emerge from their eggs a gaudy orange color before their scales darken with age, along with their outlooks on life.
409  Lakes 
A massive and ancient amphibian found solely in Lake Tusi Mek'ta.

In ancient Ronka, the eryops was revered as a sacred animal, believing it to be the bringer of prosperity to one's children. Those whose offspring have been bitten by these beasts for the crime of swimming in their waters may beg to differ.
Diamond Pipira
409  Lakes 
A freshwater fish with gleaming silver-white scales.

A silvery cousin of the yellow pipira, this fish's brightly shining scales have earned it the enmity of the Children of the Everlasting Dark. But no matter how many the Children lift from the lakes, they cannot seem to eliminate them entirely.
Silver Kitten
412  Rivers 
A catfish caught at Mjrl's Regret─much to its own regret, probably.

A small, silvery fish with feline whiskers that is oft seen basking on the riverbed like a cat resting in the sun. It is possessed of catlike reflexes too, pouncing on passing prey.
420  Lakes 
A sinister-looking cavedweller native to Woven Oath.

A fish found only in the deepest, darkest parts of deep, dark caves. It is completely blind, with naught but scales where other wavekin have eyes, making them both revered and envied by the Children of the Everlasting Dark.
Deep Purple Coral
418  Deep Sea 
A sharp piece of stinging coral. Handle with care, or not at all.

Violet-colored coral that blooms only in the bathyal depths. An ancient prophecy dictates that any pieces found on the shore should be offered to the nobility to stave off disaster—dark tidings of smoke upon the water and fire filling the sky...
412  Deep Sea 
A silvery bivalve mollusk found in the Tempest.

The iridescent sheen of the sycorax's shell is the result of the aether incorporated into its shell. This crystallized magick is also the source of its unusual name, which is that of a witch of legend, or so the scholars believe.
412  Deep Sea 
A grey wavekin native to the Tempest.

The flesh of this migratory wavekin is a staple food of the Ondo. Stormfish travel in schools many thousands strong, and when they swarm in circles, they can create great whirlpools upon the surface of the sea. Superstitious sailors refuse to sup upon their meat.
Azure Sea Spider
415  Deep Sea 
A spindly-legged creature that, among other things, breathes through its porous exoskeleton.

Though physically similar to the spiders who walk on land, this creature is of an entirely unrelated order. The majority of its internal organs, including its heart and gills, are situated in its spindly legs, the body serving primarily as a nexus through which the vital fluids flow.
418  Deep Sea 
A hulking prehistoric wavekin that dwelt in the Tempest.

One of the few surviving members of an ancient family of armor-plated fish. The name comes from Ondo legend, which tells of the great fish god Caliban. He breathed life into one of His shed scales, and named the creature that sprung forth after Himself.
420  Deep Sea 
A large, ovular saltwater fish with charming blue-and-white coloration.

A large, round, slow-swimming fish that seems like it would be easy pickings for a predator. However, when an attacker approaches, it spins its body from side to side, delivering stinging slaps with its swinging fins.
Bubble Angler
420  Deep Sea 
The see-through flesh of this bizarre anglerfish makes it all the more disturbing to look at.

This wavekin's translucent body looks like an air bubble when it puffs itself up. This is thought to be a form of protective camouflage, but the ingenious disguise leads to other dangers, as on spotting its floating form, divers become inflamed with a desire to pop it.
Ondo Harpoon
420  Deep Sea 
A sharp-nosed shark native to the Tempest.

Named for its resemblance to the fish people's hunting implements. It is unknown whether the similarity is merely incidental, or if the original Ondo took inspiration from the shark's unusual shape when crafting their weapons.
420  Deep Sea 
This shark, native to the Tempest, is voracious, territorial, and massive─which savvy fishers may recognize as the worst combination of traits for a shark to have.

Easily identified by its bright blue skin, these sharks have long brought terror to the seabed settlements of the Ondo. Only those who have bested the blue bane in single combat are allowed to call themselves true warriors.
Stippled Eel
418  Deep Sea 
A carnivorous eel covered with a complex and colorful pattern.

A single stippled eel's position in underwater society is largely dependent on the pattern of stripes and spots on its skin, with the most desirable individuals staking claim to the most desirable territory.
420  Deep Sea 
A deceptively delicate-looking anemone native to the Tempest.

Though it bears a close resemblance to the flytraps of the land, this is no plant, but rather a form of anemone. The seatrap takes any fish fool enough to stray too close into a tentacular embrace, though it means them anything but affection.
Ancient Shrimp
418  Deep Sea 
An old, old shrimp with long, reaching pincers, arisen from the dark depths of the sea after untold centuries.

This crustacean uses its long, thin pincers to pry its prey from the gaps between rocks. It is the progenitor of the modern rock lobster, but the increased water pressure of its deepwater habitat makes its flesh denser and more flavorful.
Yeti Crab
420  Deep Sea 
This pale deep-sea crustacean is entirely covered in fine white cilia.

A crustacean covered in thick, white fur like that of the yetis who haunt the snowfields of Coerthas. Its eyestalks are underdeveloped compared to other crabs—instead of relying on eyesight, it navigates its surroundings by detecting the aether in the water with its hairs.
420  Deep Sea 
Ancient relatives of the nautilus, aapoak are colloquially known as “crawling gems” for their rainbow-colored shells.

A rare, iridescent cousin of the nautilus. Fisherfolk consider it an omen of future fortune to find one in their nets—and not only because goldsmiths pay a high price for their scooped-out shells.
Cyan Sea Devil
418  Deep Sea 
A fiendishly clever horned octopus easily identifiable by its bright blue coloration.

Feared by sailors as a demon of the deep, this misunderstood cephalopod's habit of wrapping its slimy tentacles around mariners' legs and dragging them into the ink-stained seas is merely its way of showing affection.
Pancake Octopus
420  Deep Sea 
Though they make a valiant effort, members of this species of octopus never manage to look quite as sinister as any of their fellow deep-sea dwellers.

This deep-sea octopus is well-known, and well loved, for its plump and adorable form. However, when lifted from the water, it is unable to maintain its shape against the force of gravity and falls as flat as a pancake.

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