Fish Guide

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A colorful freshwater fish native to Il Mheg.

This fish was once a fixture on the dining tables of Voeburt, oft served stewed with a heady mix of aromatic herbs and spices. Whether this was in order to complement the fish's strong, sulfurous taste, or to mask it, is a matter for the historians.
Jenanna's Tear
This bivalve mollusk was named in honor of a long-suffering queen of Voeburt.

Princess Jenanna of the Kingdom of Voeburt weeps still for the fate of her fallen nation, her tears falling from the heavens and mingling with the waters that once belonged to her homeland.
Daisy Turban
These gastropods' sunny yellow shells have tricked spearfishers with poor eyesight into forgetting they were underwater on more than one occasion.

Named after the long spines that extend from the edges of its shell like petals, and the whorl that twists around its side like a silken scarf. Its bright yellow color attracts curious fish, which it seizes upon with its sharp, toothy beak.
Shade Axolotl
Like most creatures native to Il Mheg, this amphibian is just odd enough to cause one to look twice.

Local legend has it that the verdant light that spilled forth from the castle of Lyhe Ghiah gave these amphibians their jadeite tint. Before the Flood, their skin was a pale pink.
Little Flirt
A gastropod named for the heart-shaped pink marking on its head.

These small river dwellers are often offered as gifts between lovers, due to the romantic implications of the heart marks upon their heads. In captivity, it is wise to keep individuals apart, due to their unfortunate cannibalistic tendencies.
This peculiar wavekin wears a perpetually inscrutable expression.

A peallaidh is a Fuath's best friend, or so the fae folk say─and indeed, the wavekin are unusually intelligent and expressive creatures. However, when asked how they feel about the Fuath, they are wont to wear altogether more dubious faces.
Voeburt Bichir
An ancient wavekin native to what is now Il Mheg.

The Voeburt bichir is easily identified by the plethora of independently agile dorsal finlets along its spine. The more a fish has, the higher its position in the dominance hierarchy, so individuals engage in vicious duels to remove their rivals' fins.
A freshwater wavekin with bright coloration resembling that of many pixies.

One of the many species of wavekin given a gaudy makeover by the fae folk of Il Mheg. The Fuath compete to decorate these fish, using their magicks to dress them in the most captivating patterns they can.
Gilded Batfish
A diminutive and delicate-looking freshwater fish found in Il Mheg.

The golden fringes of this fish's fluttering fins attract the envy of every lake dweller. They have become something of a fashion accessory for the Fuath, where everyone who is anyone in polite society has one in tow.
A pale pink-and-blue wavekin that calls to mind a single flower petal adrift upon the water.

With its pale pink body and sky blue fins, this wavekin resembles naught more than a flower falling from a tree. It flutters its entire body from side to side as it swims, only adding to the effect.
A freshwater wavekin native to Il Mheg known for its reflective scales.

This wavekin was common throughout the waterways of Voeburt before the Flood. Its scales were once dull and grey, before the ever-playful pixies decided to give them a touch more glamour.
Glass Eel
The long, thin body of this freshwater wavekin is a deep, glossy blue.

This eel's glossy, cerulean skin resembles naught more than the signature glassware of old Voeburt, leading the antique hunters of Il Mheg to christen the species the “Fool's Goblet.”
Voeburt Salamander
A large amphibian of a species long native to the area that is now Il Mheg.

The Voeburt salamander is a relic from the times before the Flood. It survived the crisis thanks in no small part to its incredible regenerative powers─cut off the creature's tail, and it will regrow in a matter of moons. Alas, this oft makes them the target for mischievous pixies.
This variety of freshwater fish can be found reveling in the ponds and streams of the fae's gardenlike home.

During the spawning season, bedskippers have a tendency to leap about upon the surface of the water, the fluttering of their large, colorful dorsal fins looking like a storm of summer blossoms blowing across a lake.
The eccentric reddish purple of this wavekin's fins gave rise to its teasing appellation.

The dandyfish attaches great importance to its opulent appearance. Be sure to don dull clothing before entering this wavekin's waters, for it will attack anything that attracts more attention than itself on sight, and not cease until their togs are in tatters.
Sauldia Ruby
A spherical, gemlike creature found in Il Mheg.

A prince from a faraway nation once gifted such a creature to Princess Sauldia of the Kingdom of Voeburt, and it has been a staple of aquariums both public and private ever since. At night, it shines with a rosy glow, signifying the ardor of her suitor's heart.
Mock Pixie
In a kinder world, this creature might have become a member of the fae. In this one, it seems to have made it less than halfway there.

Some say this strange, barely sentient creature is the result of the wandering soul of a fallen faerie taking up residence in an algal bloom, and failing to reshape its new body into its former form.
Hunter's Arrow
This prehistoric creature was found lurking in Il Mheg.

With its arrow-like head and sleek, shaft-like body, this scalekin flies through the water like a dart loosed from a bow. Once it has set upon a course it refuses to change direction, leading to innumerable painful prangs with underwater cliff faces.
Does this large wavekin native to Il Mheg actually feed on Fuath? One can only hope.

Rulers of the lakes within which they reside due to their prodigious size, this aptly named wavekin has a habit of swallowing the frog-like fae folk whole. Luckily for the Fuath, the gobblers are unable to digest such sizable prey, and spit their victims out soon after.
Paradise Crab
The shell of this unusual crab is covered with mushrooms of such bright and appealing colors that they almost seem to be screaming, “Eat me!”

A wanderer who once strayed into a land of eternal springtime tells of how he met with a man who lived in a mushroom house who grew mushrooms to feed his family, who were also made of mushrooms. The moral of the story is─don't eat fungus from a crab's back.
Saint Fathric's Ire
A stinging anemone native to Il Mheg.

An anemone that makes its home at the foot of the cliff where Saint Fathric performed his ablutionary rites. Its mane of blond tendrils resemble the hair of the short-tempered penitent, who was prone to fly into a furious rage when disturbed.
A freshwater fish named for its fabulously frilly fins.

The jade frills of this fish's fins remind one of the ball gowns beloved by the royal ladies of Voeburt. Smaller wavekin are wont to follow in their wake in search of scraps, resembling the train of sycophants who would often attend such lofty personages.
Flowering Kelpie
This wavekin, which bizarrely resembles a sinister supernatural horse rendered in petal-pink, could only have originated in Il Mheg.

The ancestors of this bright and beautiful wavekin had scales a tawny brown, to hide themselves among the leaf litter. All that was to change when the fae folk filled Il Mheg with flowers, and the duller creatures suddenly started to stand out.
The flesh of this Il Mheg native's head is transparent, rendering its bright-purple innards visible to all who gaze upon it─whether they like it or not.

With a clear cranium revealing its innards, this weird wavekin spends most of its time buried beneath the lakebed, tubular eyes scanning the waters above. The innards of its prey also become visible when they chance to swim above it, and are torn apart by a flurry of darting teeth.
Measan Deala
A lemon-yellow freshwater fish native to Il Mheg.

Known to the fae folk of Il Mheg as the “Children of the Storm,” these wavekin can deliver a stunning shock when touched. The pixies claim that they fell from the sky as lightning bolts─in truth, their skin is simply laced with a paralyzing poison.

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