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Dohn Horn
This creature's striped shell features several shades of vibrant green reminiscent of the foliage of Dohn Mheg.

According to fable, a Fuath once wished to have horns on his head, and cast a spell to make it so. Alas, he neglected to specify the horns be attached, and so came to conjure this species into existence, crawling over his flustered face.
This creature's delicate, flowerlike appearance succeeds admirably in disguising the fact that it is, essentially, a slug.

Known in the world beneath the water as death incarnate, due to the ferocious manner in which they devour their prey. When a swarm of aquabloom attack a larger wavekin en masse, they resemble a great thicket, its leaves whipping to and fro in a storm.
Jester Fish
A freshwater wavekin with colorful fins and bulging eyes.

The jesters of ancient Voeburt would wear round, red noses and perform gymnastic tricks for the court. The swollen, scarlet eyes of this wavekin resemble the clowns' snouts, and with their ungainly swimming style, seem to be imitating their movements too.
Blue Lightning
This unusual wavekin is remarkably hydrodynamic.

This freshwater fish uses its wing-shaped fins to traverse the water at alarming speeds. Some have likened it to a bolt from the blue.
The sweeping golden fins of this freshwater wavekin might, in autumn, be mistaken for fallen leaves from the tree that is its namesake.

This rather autumnal fish can look out of place in the faerie kingdom. Its eggs are a greenish-yellow and give off a unique stench.
Blue Mountain Bubble
The fins of this rotund fish, native to Longmirror Lake, are suggestive of butterfly wings.

Legend has it that this wavekin was once a butterfly, before being transformed into a fish by a mischievous pixie's magick. Instead of feeding on flower nectar, it nourishes itself by nibbling away at underwater weeds.
Elder Pixie
A gastropod with bright green markings and appendages resembling wings.

Notable for its four fins that resemble a bird's wings. Only the most skilled of faerie pranksters are capable of taking on this form.
Ankle Snipper
Freshwater crabs of this species native to the Rak'tika Greatwood are not known for their discrimination in what they clamp with their claws when they are surprised, threatened, or merely in a bad mood.

Native to the waterways of the Rak'tika Greatwood, this small, stone-colored crab will hide itself among the riverbed rubble, attacking the ankles of any passing animals with its viselike pincers.
These bivalve mollusks are often found nestled between underwater roots in the Rak'tika Greatwood.

These freshwater shellfish attach themselves to the roots of lakeside trees, looking to all the world like nothing more than another knot, thanks to their brown, bark-like patina. Eagle-eyed oyster hunters are in for a delicious, earthy treat.
Ronkan Pleco
This variety of pleco bears ivory stripes in a pattern suggestive of the veins on a leaf.

Depicted in Ronkan murals with brightly patterned scales, it would seem that this wavekin has faded faster over the passing of the generations than the pigments used in the ancient empire's paint.
Gourmand Crab
Though this crab is omnivorous in the sense that it will eat both flesh and plant matter, this should not be taken to mean that it does not have a discerning palate.

A close cousin of the robber crab that lives alongside it, the gourmand crab is a pickier eater than its omnivorous ally, feeding only on the blue berries that lend its shell its distinctive hue.
Gatorl's Bead
This species of blood red freshwater wavekin inhabits the ponds and marshes of the Rak'tika Greatwood.

When the world was young, Ox'Gatorl, the keeper of the flame, taught the Ronkans how to work metal. As he tended his forge, a drop of sweat fell from his forehead and into the lake below, quenching with a hiss of steam. Thus did this copper-plated wavekin come into being.
This ancient breed of wavekin is prized for the way in which its scales glimmer in the light.

The shining scales of this freshwater wavekin are as hard as diamond. Suits of armor have been crafted from these scales, though they have largely been relegated to ornamental purposes due to their tendency to shatter under impact.
Hermit's Hood
A tiny mollusk native to Lake Tusi Mek'ta.

Hermit crabs like to make homes of this mollusk's discarded shells, wearing them like a hat. In life, they migrate from place to place, feeding on the local fauna as they go. Different foodstuffs produce shells of a different color, adding another stripe each season.
Hermit Crab
This species of crab is known for its cowardice and incredibly specific shell preferences.

Like a religious recluse, it lives alone in its seashell home. For reasons unknown, it refuses to take up residence in a shell of two or fewer colors, or of four or more. Only a shell striped thrice will suffice.
A specimen belonging to a vicious species that seems to have survived largely unchanged since time immemorial.

A carnivorous freshwater fish that looks as if it hails from a bygone age, and acts as if it has been nursing a grudge all the while. Its powerful jaws can easily tear through the scales of fish, the shells of turtles, and the armor of adventurers.
Everdark Bass
This species was allegedly bred by the Voeburtites in their homeland before making its way to the Rak'tika Greatwood.

A larger, more aggressive cousin of the Night's bass, introduced to the Greatwood by the Night's Blessed. The wavekin's readiness to resort to violence to assert their dominion over their compeers provides a striking parallel with the Children of the Everlasting Dark.
Lozatl Pirarucu
A large freshwater wavekin native to the Rak'tika Greatwood.

Named after a stone giant from Ronkan legend, due to its prodigious size. In ancient times, these wavekin were often offered to the imperial household as tribute─the master of the waters lying before the throne representing the emperor's dominion over all.
Anpa's Handmaid
A large, silvery wavekin that features in Ronkan myth.

According to Ronkan legend, these large wavekin are the maidservants to the mortal form of Yx'Anpa, goddess of the harvest. Their migration patterns brought them to Ronkan lands come autumn, as if ushering in the changing of the season.
Viis Ear
These sea slugs are generally content to let the current carry them where it will.

These soft-bodied sea slugs are named for their resemblance to the long, pointed ears of the Viis. The people of Fanow reject this comparison─be sure not to speak the slug's sobriquet in the vicinity of the village, lest you find yourself on the pointy end of the rabbit ladies' lances.
Rak'tika Goby
Their odd shape and placement make this striped fish's fins its most unique feature.

The long, flexible fins extending from this wavekin's belly allow it to steer through the water at will, describing loops and rolls with almost impertinent ease. Its movements are almost impossible to predict, resulting in many a perplexed predator.
Loose Pendant
440  Lakes 
A king among Crystarium tetra, and lord of the waters that flow through the Crystarium Personal Suites.

Its shimmering blue scales sparkle with such intensity that it even stands out against the vibrant blue hues of the Crystarium, in which it dwells. A popular tale among the residents describes a jeweler who tried to scoop one such fish out of the water to turn it into a necklace, only to fall in and almost drown. Few have attempted the feat since, with most fishers opting for more traditional methods.
Winged Dame
440  Deep Sea 
A queen among Eulmore butterflies, and lady of the waters that surround the Derelicts.

This close relative to the Eulmore butterfly is believed to have originally been bred in captivity before escaping from its tank into the waters of Kholusia, possibly after being poured into the sea during a domestic dispute. The manner in which it swims positively exudes elegance, which is possibly the result of its privileged upbringing. Privileged by wavekin standards, at any rate.
The Unforgiven
440  Lakes 
A king among albino rock crabs, and lord of the waters of the great lake known as the Source.

Its pure white coloration has led many to speculate that it is in fact a sin eater, which while far from the truth, provides a convenient excuse for fishers who return empty-handed after attempting to snare this formidable creature.
Bronze Sole
440  Lakes 
A king among sepia soles, and lord of the waters of Sharptongue Drip.

This well camouflaged flatfish moves with remarkable grace despite being covered in hard scales. Those mistaking it for the similar─yet far more edible─sepia sole are in for a nasty surprise should they attempt to take a bite without first removing the skin.

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