The Vegetarian 
Seafood 340  Deep Sea  550.7
Fisher legend has there was once a mighty liopleurodon who, unsatisfied with a diet of Namazu, is said to have set its sights on plumper prey─namely a portly Lalafellin regent with a penchant for skinny dipping in the warm waters near Hells' Lid. However, the fish quickly learned the limits of its maw's gape, and crestfallen, abandoned the king, a crown-shaped scar on its upper lip its only prize. But rather than sulk, this beast from the deep spent the rest of its life devouring creatures far larger than it, and now, five thousand summers later, the descendant of that legendary pioneer polishes off Plainsfolk like they were popotoes, proving once and for truly does find a way.
Covered in both bone-hard scales and countless deadly spikes─spikes which, upon close inspection, appear to be covered in spikes of their own─this slightly bioluminescent specimen is a king among liopleurodons, and lord of the waters near Hells' Lid.


The Ruby Sea
Hells' Lid62

Time Zone

 (Number: 249 ET )


(Number: 248)


(Number: 81)
Allagan Gold Piece
Savage Might Materia VI
Savage Might Materia V
Grey Pigment
Fine Sand
Water Cluster (1~2)


Ruby Shrimp (Mooch)


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The Vegetarian - Cat became hungry